Today we have truffles. And not mushrooms that we’ve already cooked, it’s about chocolate truffles. Actually they were called just after picking, through a similar appearance.

Classic truffles are a chocolate candy with cream ganache (chocolate cream, cream and butter), then they crumble in cocoa or wafer chips, and in the cream sometimes you can add details, such as alcohol (rum, liqueurs, brandy).

The inventor of the truffle is a French pastry chef Louis Dufour. There is a story that on the eve of the New Year he ran all the necessary products for the manufacture of sweets and he had to come up with something new. Here and there were truffles, he just mixed all the traditional ingredients and very soon this delicacy won the world love.


Also, the French people believe that the real truffles can be prepared onle byhands. No wonder it is called the king of sweets.

During its long history it has been invented an incredible number of different truffles recipes, but in general there are three main types:

– soft truffle or candy;
– semi-soft truffle, it is usually produced in the shell of the glaze;
– solid truffle – the most popular!

Chococlate Truffle with Cointreau
Recipe Type: Dessert
  • 200 g Chocolate (90% Cacao)
  • 60 g Butter
  • 155 ml Cream 30%
  • 20 g Honey
  • 30 ml Cointreau
  • 300 g Cacao
  1. Break the chocolate and melt at steam bath.
  2. When the chocolate has melted as half, remove from heat and keep in a bowl until it becomes a smooth paste.
  3. Remove the chocolate from the steam bath.
  4. Add the cream of room temperature and stir up to smooth, than add soft (melted) butter, and also prevents until smooth.
  5. Then add honey and Cointreau, mix well and put in refrigerator for 2 hours.
  6. Frozen mass recruit by teaspoon, form a ball and cфму in cocoa, as desired, you can use powdered sugar, coconut flakes or nuts.
  7. Ready truffles spread on a plate.
  8. Bon Appetite!

And I’m a sweet tooth. And that my suffering. Tasty chocolate or dessert – I never pass by. And when Thomas, the owner and chef of this cozy restaurant in the center of Prague, said that truffle was also his favorite food, and I had to try his version – I did not refuse.

And now I feel free to share this recipe with you. It’s worth it.