Hey, I see that on facebook you were touched by my post about the fact that Singapore is a very dirty city. I saw it differently, and in tourist areas clean and incredibly dirty, with cigarettes on the ground and spitting on the sidewalk from the locals. The only point that was confirmed – I never saw the cud. No sale, no chewing people

But now I want to talk about the purity of Hong Kong. I think that HK is much cleaner than Singapore as a whole. And considering that the people here are much more, for me it’s even more amazing.

I’ve been to Hong Kong, as well as in Singapore, in different areas, and sleeping, and in the slums and in the favorite tourists. Wasn’t just near the port though, they say, the armpit is there. But there, too, I ‘ll get .

So. Unlike Singapore, where there is no shit only tourism and less advantaged, there is no shit in Hong Kong anywhere.

No, dirt, debris are here too, but it’s more concentrated in crowded places tourists. To wit you know the difference, if in Singapore there is local shit and shit a lot, contrary to Hong Kong. Local support this purity.

And I think that is the most important. The cultural level of people in Hong Kong for few orders of magnitude is higher than in the same Singapore. Plus, the government , in addition to heavy fines , and in Hong Kong , as well as in Singapore , everywhere hung signs warning of fines, and the minimum is $ 200 more and do everything to you don’t have the ability and willingness to throw garbage on the ground.

Every 50-100 meters are located litter-baskets in Hong Kong, and even on godforsaken islands, where there are nothing apart from the mountains and forests, you meet those same litter-baskets.

And in Singapore me to throw out a piece of paper, I had to walk about a kilometer. Julia Lee won’t lie. We purposefully searched a litter-basket, and it is very centrally located, close to Marina Bay. So in Singapore there is the principle – we will punish, if you break the rules, but won’t help you to break, while in Hong Kong – here, kiddo, you have all the conditions. Please don’t break. Well, if broken, may be we will punish you.

And it works damn. Such is the Buddhism in environmental design.