Hong Kong this week was attacked by wild cold. Yesterday, today the temperature is about eight degrees.

And considering that last week was a plus twenty, and I almost wore a T-shirt, a sharp temperature drop is perceived quite painful.

German tourists in shorts are blissing out, dancing on the sidewalks in their flip-flops, wearing the high socks. Apparently, to keep warm, no?

Faerie cold in Hong Kong and what to do in Hong Kong-2

Chinese small and wizened grandfather rolled carts on the streets with warm hats and scarves. Trade is full. Many people don’t orient and ran out into the street light.

Say, citizens of Odessa are enterprising. Here, these Chinese grandparents still need to be learned with. Promptly change items, depending on the events occurring in the city.

Rare Buddhist monks wear jackets, oddly enough, the red color. Generally, stylish guys. And smile a lot, despite the beastly cold.

All other Hong Kong in the cold. Few people on the streets and the same quantity is in cafes etc. And short dashes they travel from places to places.

Overall, in vain I forgot my hat at home. I’ll go looking for Chinese grandfather and buy his wool, fleece..

Faerie cold in Hong Kong and what to do in Hong Kong-3

Here’s what to do in Hong Kong, when in the streets there is the bitter cold and particularly not possible to wander?

That’s right, skating all night on the almost empty rink in one of the malls

By the way, it works and in the summer when the air temperature here is under forty.

And yes, the question ‘how to spend the evening’ in Hong Kong is not necessary at all. There are so many kinds of entertainment that because of their quantity you just want to burst.

And banal ‘go somewhere’ turns into another adventure in length half the night …