• Mini burger platter (Chicken and Beef)-1

Mini burger platter (Chicken and Beef)

You can find almost everything in Hong-Kong with its diversity. There are restaurants of various nationalities, there are restaurants with beautiful sceneries opening from terraces, there are Michelin restaurants, restaurants of stars and famous people. Mini burger platter Recipe (Chicken and Beef)   Save Print Recipe type: Appetiser Cuisine: European Cuisine Ingredients Chicken patty 90

  • Salmon Tartare Recipe with Avocado

Salmon Tartare Recipe with Avocado

Generally, tartare - is, in Greek mythology, a deep abyss, in depth comparable to the height of the sky. And funny, that this delicious snack is also called tartare. But don’t talk about things. For me tartare, put it crudely, is chopped minced raw meat, which is served on a plate, presenting a full meal.

  • Polenta Gratin with parmesan-1

Polenta Gratin with parmesan

More than half weeks, I lived under the slogan "blog, blog and blog again." I managed to achieve download speed of main blog’s page in three seconds, when last week it crawled like a snail, and now I'm working at the English version, reference to which has already appeared in the main menu. Polenta Gratin

  • Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken _ Fresh Mango-1

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken & Fresh Mango

– Alex, where are you going? – charming Kiki asked me early in the morning. –   I’m going to Stanley, I’m shooting a restaurant there. –   I’ve been to Stanley. When I was a kid. The richest people of Hong-Kong live there, and they like the dogs very much, – she told me,