• Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Most recently, we're talking about sweet dishes, cooking parfait. And when is winter outside and closer and closer is Christmas with all that gift fever and with them a great cozy home mood when you are watching a good movie under a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa. And here you are really need

  • Pistachio_Parfait

Pistachio Parfait

Let’s not be dissemble, we all love sweet. With tea or coffee as a snack or just pleasure. Admit it, we often say the phrase - "I want something tasty," and it just means tasty dessert. We're already cooked a lot of "sweet" - for example, Apple Pie with Nuts and Raisins or French Macaroons.

  • Lush, soft, melting in the mouth brioche bun. I can see the picture, cup of coffee, brioche and unhurried moment of pleasure ...

Brioche and Chocolate Brioche

Brioche - a magnificent gentle bun that just melts in your mouth. The first recipe for brioche bun was proposed by the French brioche pastry. World brioche popularity acquired thanks to the French painter Edouard Manet. In his works, paintings and still lifes depicted several times. To musical evenings which were arranged by his wife,

  • Do you want to be a character of a famous serial and eat the famous desserts? Macaroon recipe by Chefs of Make My Cake is an exellent choice.

Macaroon with Berries and Mascarpone Cream

Macaroni - a popular French dessert. It was a favorite delicacy of the French monarchs. Macaroon recipe to France had brought an Italian princess Catherine de Medici. Back in the 16th century, macaroon was a simple biscuits made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. Absolutely no exotic filling or rainbow colors or cream filling. It was

  • Spanish Dessert

Spanish Dessert – Mix of Lemon Glaze, Flowers, Ice Cream and Cookies

Spain, Spain ... It is associated for me with a permanent fiesta, the joy and food. That only is the story of how I came to the shooting in a restaurant to Jordi Cruz. And in Spanish cuisine there are so many different thing, which really need you attention. The Spanish people are experts in

  • Easy apple cake recipe with raisins and walnuts by famous Armenian chef. Amazingly taste dessert just malt in the mouse, and you can cook it easy and quickly!

Apple Pie Recipe with Raisins and Walnuts

Apple cakes are probably the most popular and common dessert. Many culinary masters interpret in his own way classic recipes of pie with apples. Therefore, there are so many variations in the familiar childhood charlotte, French Tatem or strudel. If you're going to travel around Armenia to need to stay in a hotel Tufenkian. It

  • Do you want me to tell you a secret? I have incrediable sabayon recipe by chefs of Make My Cake.

Sabayon with Prosecco and Figs

Thinking about Italian dessert that first comes to mind? Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and of course - sabayon! Sabayon is one of the most popular desserts of Italian cuisine, it is egg cream with wine. Its basis are the egg yolks, sugar and wine. And already in preparing of sabayon you have no boundaries. The wine can

  • Lemon curd - everyone loves it. Like edible sunshine, it brightens pastries and adds awesome zing. Its intense flavor demands attention, charming whoever eats it into a moment of appreciation.

Baked Lemon Curd with Bay Leaves

My world is made of small things. When I realized this simple truth for myself, I became a little happier. Some little things I delight, other ones make me sad. It’s all about this world, and it’s can’t be in another way. I like to drink from large cups. And for a long time I

  • Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Of all seasons, most of all I love spring. Summer is too hot for me, winter is not too cold and I always want to sleep like a bear in the forest. And fall is too slushy, wet, and all life is fading. It’s too slushy and wet in the spring too. But spring is

  • Maffin is a dessert, which can be sweet and not sweet. Here it is! That’s why you can deny. There are so many tastes!

Bran-and-Currant Muffin Recipe

I shave once a month. Sometimes less. I was lucky in this respect, with a little hair on my face. I’m not going to be a happy owner of a beard and mustache, but at the same time I do not have a risk to be confused with a homo in the early morning in