• Winter Evening Cocktail

Winter Evening Cocktail

Art is the only suitable word to describe cocktails. You can see everyone drinking cocktails: girlfriends, chatting on a Friday evening on, serious men, discussing the terms of a new deal, friends, celebrating a birthday or a guy who is trying to attract a girl’s attention, “Excuse me, can I treat you with a

  • Delicious and simple banana smoothie with spirulina for 5 minutes. Detailed instructions for the preparation of an invigorating, refreshing and nutritious cocktail are here.

Banana Smothie with Spirulina

Do you want something sweet, cool and nutritious? If an ordinary ice cream seems to be quite simple, we have something better. If your kitchen accidently has a banana, a little yogurt, couple cups of milk, honey and a bit of cinnamon - you have all for our banana smoothie. But if you don’t want

  • Let me introduce you Manhattan cocktail with a hint of smoke, it should be not only mixed, but also smoked! A unique version of a classical English recipe!

Manhattan Cocktail with a Hint of Smoke

All last week we’ve been smoking food! We’ve smoked mushrooms for amazing  smoked chanterelle and porcini salad with garlic chips and thyme oil, smoked haggis and cooked potato croquettes, smoked apple-flavoured salmon. Also we’ve smoked a duck from Staffordshire. Don’t you remember? Oh, you are right, the duck was a local one☺ But the recipe

  • Low-alcohol-digestive-mojito-with-mint-and-rum-cream1

Low-alcohol digestive mojito with mint and rum cream

If you can say word 'digestive' after wild New Year party – than this receipt is for you. It is gentle, fresh and tasty. Well, look and try. And I want to warn you that the receipt contains ingredients from molecular cuisine. It's easy to find them and if you like to cook it's just

  • Sapphire Infinity-1

Sapphire Infinity

Curiously, it looks like if the photographer has a power over the light, than alternation of day and night, cloudy or sunny sky - it's not important. Actually it isn’t, but only if you’re working in your studio and has everything under controlled. And if you go outside… every little thing puts a mark on