• Veal in Pomegranate Sauce is so noble and need a special approach. If you are ready to tasty tornado, this veal recipe won’t let you indifferent.

Veal in Pomegranate Sauce

Gentle, soft and tasty to dizziness. Veal steak. The pomegranate sauce. Sweet-sour taste to perfection perfectly envelops the meat and with every bite, you are just carried away in nirvana of pleasure. It is both sweet and tart, noble and stately. Unusual, but familiar. And you realize that it is just perfect for veal. It's

  • I want to present you a classical Chicken Kiev recipe. Chicken with butter inside. Incredible flavor and appetize crust. You just only need to try!

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is very famous dish that not only appears in the menu of Ukrainian restaurants, but also throughout the world. IT is known in Europe and America. It is often referred to in the movies, TV shows, and is one of the symbols of Ukrainian cuisine. Chicken Kiev is a chicken formed in cutlet