• How to put it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! Dorado fish with vegetable tagliatelle from the chef Dariya Grasnitskaya will win the hearts of the most demanding foodies.

Dorado Fish with Vegetable Tagliatelle

How to spell it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! As for the correct spelling, consult the Wikipedia. In fact, this world-famous fish has a lot of names: aurata, sparus, lampuka and even dolphin fish. In American restaurants it is called dorade, in Italy – orata,

  • Seafood salad I associate with summer and the inevitable glass of wine by the sea.

Seafood Salad with Avocado and Wasabi Sauce

Salad is the most general appetizier. It may be cold and warm, with fish or meat, a light salad with vegetables. Salad gives you an opportunity to mix all possible thing. Combine those ingredients that are seemingly impossible to combine. Embody all your wildest fantasies and dreams into reality. And each time, you can come up

  • Combination of prawns and lemongraaa is the secret, which you want to try out! Original fusion, which won’t let you indifferent.

Prawns with Lemongrass

We've talked about prawn recipe for so many times. Dzhalfrezi prawns or tiger shrimps with mango sauce. Oleg Pashkevich shared with me one more prawn recipe. Prawns with lemograss! It is incredibly delicious and flavorful recipe. And it's so easy to cook prawns, you need no more than 20 minutes. Prawns with Lemongrass   Save

  • Black Cod with Mango Caviar _1

Black Cod with Mango Caviar

Black cod lives in waters of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the most delicious fish and can be a diamond among the inhabitants of the sea. Despite its name, black cod is a gentle, soft, white and fatty meat with a rich flavor. Also black cod is called coal fish because of its color.

  • If your soul need something unusual and original, I will surprize you with new prawn recipe with mango sause. There is very important showpiece in collection!

Fried King Prawns in Mango Sauce

Prawns are very useful product and consist of useful properties and elements. It practically has no fat, but a lot of protein. Doctors recommend eating prawns 2 times a week, and then not being afraid of spring vitamin deficiency and the risk of getting the flu in the winter. So the prawn is not only

  • If you ever tried to cook homemade fish cake, you need to try Fish Mousse Cake by our chef!

Siam Fish Mousse Cake

There are so many different variations how to cook fish. Fish can be fried, and smoked and cooked, and you can do steak, salad, and .... it’s to the end of the list. And today I want to tell you about a new recipe that chef of the restaurant Namo from Hong Kong has shared

  • Salmon that tastes delicate and looks so tender: recipe with yogurt and pear is a real must-have. Leave behind old patterns and stereotypes. It’s a high time for something new and exciting!

Marinated Salmon with Pear and Yogurt Sauce

You might know all fish places, but I really doubt you are aware of all fish recipes in the world. Some recipes are very simple and easy to cook. Until someone shares them with you, you’ll never get the secrets. Yes, that’s a kind of magic. How to properly perform never-yet-seen magic out of blue

  • This recipe is something fresh and new. Silver carp fillet rolled in dough with carrot ratatouille on reddish carpaccio.

Recipe of Silver Carp Fillet with Carrot Ratatouille on Reddish Carpaccio

There are dozens of silver carp recipes. And today I’ll share with you something really cool. Not just a ‘common recipe’, but a ‘wow-recipe’. It’s a common opinion that silver carp is mainly for every day cooking, and will not suit festive or somewhat more sophisticated table. But this recipe challenges stereotypes. Silver carp recipe

  • Karo Guyumjyan, Chef at Salon

Armenian trout fillet recipe

Trout is one of the most tasty and healthy kinds of fish. Dieting experts recommend eating trout at least once per week. This fish contains Omega-3 acids, healthy fats and well-balanced proteins, so it’s perfect for nutritious breakfast, tasty lunch or scrumptious dinner. Apart from that, Armenian apricots are the tastiest apricots in the world.

  • Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hotel Butter Recipe 1

Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hotel Butter Recipe

Seafood. Can taste so different, but always delicious. I can be hardly surprised with mussels, rapanas or different kinds of fish, as I’m a sea city child. But it’ completely different story with scallops. This recipe of Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hôtel Butter perfectly fits in the popular French concept ‘sea-land’. The French are famous