• Put your sombrero on, we have salsa today! Hot, Mexican and spicy. Let’s cook Mango Salsa from Alexey Shvets!

Mango Salsa

If you think that salsa is just a hot dance, then you are absolutely wrong. Salsa is very popular Mexican sauce that is served with chips, corn scones, tortillas, chicken and other dishes. The word “salsa” originates from Spanish word “sal” that means salt. Nevertheless, the main ingredient of salsa sauce is a chili pepper.

  • Hummus is Healthy, but More Important Delicious!

Hummus is Healthy, but More Important Delicious!

Hummus is a cold appetizer from the Middle East, which is surely captures the whole world. A dish of chickpeas. Hummus is known not only for its flavor characteristics, as well as the fact that it is very useful and popular among dieting experts, vegetarians and followers of healthy eating. The first mention of the

  • How to Eat Hummus

How to Eat Hummus

Hummus takes important place Middle East cuisine. Unless the king, but exactly the duke. Because of love to it. Big love. Hummus is a foreign guest, so sometimes we wonder - how to eat hummus? How to serve hummus? The main misconception about hummus is that it is only an appetizer. I'm ready to bet here. Hummus

  • Cherries with Juniper and Yeast Cream

Cherries with Juniper and Yeast Cream

What’s your favorite sort of berries? There are so many of them, strawberry, cherry, sweet cherry, blueberry, blackberry. Wise nature has orgized it in such a way that berries are always seasonal fruits. I’m lucky to live in Odessa, so I can fully enjoy the benefits of the southern sea climate, including fresh berries. First

  • Do you want to taste Asian Cuisine? Prawn recipe in Coconut Tempura by Oleg Pashkevich, is eactly want you need.

Coconut Tempura Prawns

When I think about Asian cuisine, one of the first associations, which swam in my head is seafood. And prawns are among them. Asian cuisine is a mix of flavors. They like to combine thigs, which really hard to combine. The recipe, which Oleg Pashkevich gave me, is one of where incongruous products sing together

  • Bean Salad Recipe

Bean Salad Recipe

Bean Salad is excellent, full and good dish. You can use any beans - green or baked beans. If you use usual beans, do not forget to pre-soak it in cold water, it will significantly reduce the cooking time. Beans itself is quite self-contained product, so it is possible to do all sorts of experiments!

  • Iberico with Beans

Iberico with Beans

Shooting in Germany was very interesting, most of the restaurants that I have been fortunate enough to work were with Michelin stars. And I'm fully immersed in the world of incredibly tasty dishes and professionalism with a capital letter. For detailed, I talked about how the restaurant and the chef get their Michelin stars in

  • Pork Steak with Sauce (2)

Pork Steak with Sauce

Moldavian cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest in the world. Traditional Moldova dishes were formed for centuries. We have cooked with you placinta, one of the most famous pastries thought Moldova cuisine. Today we will cook a meat dish. Pork steak with sauce muzhdu by Denis Brovceac, Chef at La Butuc. Muzhdu is

  • If you would like to eat something light, then chicken broth from Alexei Shvets is what you need.

Chicken Soup

Broth as many other recipes was created in France. People cooked it with different kinds of meat, both veal and pork. Generally, broth is a very universal dish. It can be a served separately and at the same time it cane be a base for risotto, sauces and other soups. Today we gonna cook Chicken

  • Dinner for Deux - Perfect Recipes by Food’n'Chef

Dinner for Deux – Best Recipes by Food’n’Chef

Romantic evening. You decided to surprise him or her by incredible dinner. A date or an important event, but you may want to spend the evening in a pleasant atmosphere with your loved one? You can't be wrong here. All dishes must be perfect. A very old proverb says - the way to a man's