• Soup with Pomegranate Syrup-1

Soup with Pomegranate Syrup

I love to recall my trip to Armenia. It was an exciting and delicious trip. And food was not just delicious, but also served in really generous portions. You have to be in a good physical shape for a tip like that. Starve for a couple of weeks Today we are going to cook a

  • Kuksi Soup

Kuksi Soup

What are the general features that attract us in Asian cuisine? Its spicy, colourful and delicious food, which can hardly be compared with any other. It is totally different. Starting from a set of products and finishing with presentation of the dish. In Asia, people go crazy about noodles and there is incredible number of

  • Cray fish soup

Cray fish soup

How do you understand happiness? Is it a smile of a loved one or watching sunrise from the roof of the highest skyscraper? Your child's first word or a motorcycle ride on an incredible speed? And maybe all of this? Is it possible to make a choice? Cray fish soup recipe   Save Print Recipe

  • Strawberry Gazpacho with Chinese five-spice powder and prawns-1

Strawberry Gazpacho with Chinese five-spice powder and prawns

I've devoted my every spare moment to my favourite blog and project Food’n’Chef these past two weeks. And I must admit, this is not an easy task. Strawberry Gazpacho with Chinese five-spice powder and prawns Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Soup Cuisine: Thai Cuisine Ingredients Strawberry 150 g + 30 g for tartar 30

  • Larousse Gastronomique and the recipe of Ukrainian borsch-1

Larousse Gastronomique and Ukrainian Borsch

Actually this post was supposed to be about tiramisu. I like tiramisu and I like cooking it. Moreover I cook tiramisu with the classic cream zabaione that is slightly different from that used to serve us in restaurants. But more about that will be another time. Recipe of Ukrainian borsch   Save Print Prep time

  • 17 cuinary adventures expecting in Barcelona

17 cuinary adventures expecting in Barcelona

17 кулинарных приключений Барселоны Барселона входит в четверку моих любимых городов и, поэтому неудивительно, что я хочу возвращаться в этот город. Моя первая поездка в Барселону носила рабочий характер и я был счастлив познакомиться и поработать с лучшими шеф-поварами этого славного города. Именно они открыли мне кулинарные секреты столицы Каталонии. Секреты, которые не