So my dear meat-lover, are you ready for the culinary adventures? Because we are going to eviscerate, boil and smoke the meat without mercy. Genuine chefs cook meat only so and in no other way.

First, let’s find sheep’s giblets. Next, let’s cook the coolest haggis out of them. This dish is a symbol of the festive Scottish table, and in general pretty an unusual way to impress sophisticated meat-eaters. Especially because this recipe is shared by one of the best chefs,  Alex Povtoreyko. Here are few more of his recipes Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hotel ButterCold Scallop Julienne with avocado, read caviar and truffle oil and Beef Welllington.

Potatoes in the centuries-old snack recipe change into red mashed potatoes coloured with beetroot or turnip. We, in our turn, will just add some carrot fresh juice into it.

Haggis is served on potatoes croquettes that were preliminary smoked. With delicious flavour of smoke, so to say.

As I promised you haven’t tried anything like that before. And for sure you haven’t smoked anything yet, unless you’ve cooked my previous recipe – New potatoes with smoked apple-flavoured salmon.

And for sure you would neither taste delicious Scottish meat nor smoke it with your own hands if you continue just staring at the photo that makes your mouth water. Follow the link PolyScience.

That’s great guys who’ll teach you how to smoke foodstuffs at home in a fast and safe way, and cook so scrumptious and yummy dishes that Scottish chaps will cry violently out of envy to you. And the reason is that you are the proud owner of Smoking Gun, and they are not, not counting the wind blowing underneath their skirts☺

Go for it!

Croquettes with haggis
Recipe Type: Meat and Poultry
Cuisine: Scottish Cuisine
  • 1 g pepper of different kinds
  • 20 g whiskey and black current sauce
  • 100 g haggis
  • 20 g chicken eggs
  • 20 g French bread
  • 40 g vegetable oil
  • 5 g frisée salad
  • 50 g mashed potatoes
  • 10 g fresh carrot juice
  1. Boil the sheep giblets, then shop it and stew with some whiskey.
  2. Cook it to taste.
  3. Shape the ready-made haggis mass a shape of as a ball, crumble it and deep-fry.
  4. Cut the ready haggis into two halves.
  5. Serve on the bed of mashed potatoes (colored with carrot juice) and whiskey and current sauce.
For sauce:
  1. Boil down the current jam with whiskey and thicken with starch.
The dish shall be smoked immediately before serving.
  1. Put the dish on a plate, smoke it under a deep gastronorm container and serve it.

Rough bearded men in kilts, dense fog, sound of bagpipes and meat…. What else do you know about Scotland? Right now I’m ready to share with you a cool Scottish recipe of meat and potatoes that you have never tried before.