• Soup with Pomegranate Syrup-1

Soup with Pomegranate Syrup

I love to recall my trip to Armenia. It was an exciting and delicious trip. And food was not just delicious, but also served in really generous portions. You have to be in a good physical shape for a tip like that. Starve for a couple of weeks Today we are going to cook a

  • Bean Salad Recipe

Bean Salad Recipe

Bean Salad is excellent, full and good dish. You can use any beans - green or baked beans. If you use usual beans, do not forget to pre-soak it in cold water, it will significantly reduce the cooking time. Beans itself is quite self-contained product, so it is possible to do all sorts of experiments!

  • If you are always have a party with your friends, you can cook a dish for everyone – leg of lamb.

Leg of Lamb

You should be able to cook the meat. And to make this not only all his experience and skill gained by days, months or years and even add their love and some inside felling in cooking. Today we will cook a leg of lamb. In fact, when I hear such a name of a recipe,

  • If you want special Baked Eggplant recipe it’s right here! Anahit, chef from Armenia shares with us all the secrets!

Baked Eggplants with Onion

Today I have for you - Pagoda. Yes, yes, you are right - Pagoda. It is made of eggplants. A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, built in traditions originating in historic East Asia or with respect to those traditions, common to Nepal, India, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Burma and other parts of

  • Easy apple cake recipe with raisins and walnuts by famous Armenian chef. Amazingly taste dessert just malt in the mouse, and you can cook it easy and quickly!

Apple Pie Recipe with Raisins and Walnuts

Apple cakes are probably the most popular and common dessert. Many culinary masters interpret in his own way classic recipes of pie with apples. Therefore, there are so many variations in the familiar childhood charlotte, French Tatem or strudel. If you're going to travel around Armenia to need to stay in a hotel Tufenkian. It

  • Veal in Pomegranate Sauce is so noble and need a special approach. If you are ready to tasty tornado, this veal recipe won’t let you indifferent.

Veal in Pomegranate Sauce

Gentle, soft and tasty to dizziness. Veal steak. The pomegranate sauce. Sweet-sour taste to perfection perfectly envelops the meat and with every bite, you are just carried away in nirvana of pleasure. It is both sweet and tart, noble and stately. Unusual, but familiar. And you realize that it is just perfect for veal. It's

  • Traditional Armenian dish of lamb meat is a great cause to have a cozy party at home with friends. Perfect Eastern appetizer for wine. What else is needed? Just a friendly conversation.

Traditional Armenian Dish – Lamb Recipe

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest in Asia. Its characteristic features were formed thousands of years ago. Traditional dishes were admired even by Alexander the Great. And interestingly, many of the traditions of Armenian cuisine have survived virtually unchanged. And one of those dishes is lamb recipe called in Armenia khashlama. Khashlama (lamb recipe)

  • Today we’re talking about Armenian Cuisine, and about armenian flatbread recipe. Traditional, appetizing and melting in the mouse. homemade flatbread is a great cause for pleasant evenng.

Armenian Flatbread with Cheese

Lamadzho or lahmacun, lagmadzho (Armenian flatbread) is a traditional Armenian dish. Initially Armenian flatbread recipe is a traditional Arabic cuisine, but now it is the national dish, not only in Armenia, but also in Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. In general, Armenian cuisine is a blend of a variety of techniques, methods and

  • I want to present you very easy and tasty thing - Eggplant Cream Recipe. It’s perfect, when you want something light and tender.

Eggplant Cream Recipe

During the work process you always want to eat something light. And today I have for you just a very easy and delicious eggplant cream recipe. Baked eggplant has been associated with summer. In summer, when everything just bursts with fresh fruit and vegetables, and I want to eat them as much as possible. And

  • Kofta - kofta recipe beef – it’s a traditional Armenian dish. It’s dedicated to all meat lovers!

Beef Kofta Recipe

I’ve love meat since I was a little boy. I love meat of any kind and any size. Perhaps it is not humane and out of fashion, but I was growing up as very happy and well-fed child. And I’m not complaining at all. Perhaps the coolest meat dish for me were the cutlets. It’s