• Salmon that tastes delicate and looks so tender: recipe with yogurt and pear is a real must-have. Leave behind old patterns and stereotypes. It’s a high time for something new and exciting!

Marinated Salmon with Pear and Yogurt Sauce

You might know all fish places, but I really doubt you are aware of all fish recipes in the world. Some recipes are very simple and easy to cook. Until someone shares them with you, you’ll never get the secrets. Yes, that’s a kind of magic. How to properly perform never-yet-seen magic out of blue

  • chicken-wings-with-honey-sause-chile-recipe

Chicken wings with honey sause Chile recipe

If you ask me why I love my work, I’ll definitely answer: because of pleasure I get from my own shots. First of all, I do it for myself. And only then for all others. Yes, that can be quite complicated. Yes, I have to reject a lot of interesting projects. But I know for

  • Yan Nguyen, Chef at Martini Terrazza

Asian Style Beef Tartare Recipe

I love meat. I love it madly and tenderly. Juicy meat flesh surprisingly well combines harsh flavours of spices and delicate taste of fibers. Accurately chopped into even cubes, it gives a great mosaic-effect contrast with the bright green of cucumber. It can taste so differently: salty, flat, peppered, hot, sweetish or with a bit

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