• Let me introduce you Manhattan cocktail with a hint of smoke, it should be not only mixed, but also smoked! A unique version of a classical English recipe!

Manhattan Cocktail with a Hint of Smoke

All last week we’ve been smoking food! We’ve smoked mushrooms for amazing  smoked chanterelle and porcini salad with garlic chips and thyme oil, smoked haggis and cooked potato croquettes, smoked apple-flavoured salmon. Also we’ve smoked a duck from Staffordshire. Don’t you remember? Oh, you are right, the duck was a local one☺ But the recipe

  • Mushrooms are not only looks nice and tastes yummy, they are also easy to make culinary experiments. Salad recipe with smoked mushrooms looks simple, with the exception of one small nuance. Are you ready? Well, that was your own will.

Smoked Chanterelle and Porchini Salad with Garlic Chips and Thyme Oil

Grab your basket and bravely go to the forest to seek for mushrooms. Or just buy some chanterelles and porcini in the nearest supermarket. You won’t feel funny, that’s not that kind of mushrooms. Well, I have to admit, when you cook for a long time with lots of energy and money invested, and the

  • This recipe is something fresh and new. Silver carp fillet rolled in dough with carrot ratatouille on reddish carpaccio.

Recipe of Silver Carp Fillet with Carrot Ratatouille on Reddish Carpaccio

There are dozens of silver carp recipes. And today I’ll share with you something really cool. Not just a ‘common recipe’, but a ‘wow-recipe’. It’s a common opinion that silver carp is mainly for every day cooking, and will not suit festive or somewhat more sophisticated table. But this recipe challenges stereotypes. Silver carp recipe

  • 7 butter recipes. A small thing that will greatly enrich flavor of your usual dishes. As they say it, perfection is in details.

7 butter recipes for all occasions

Butter is very common product in almost every family, it’s even hard to recommend how to eat it and with what. But actually we can focus more on the last issue. It's common to add butter to sandwiches, porridges, pasta, mashed potato, fish, caviar or cheese. But also there are smart recipes to cook enrich


White Miso Sauternes Braised Cod Recipe

I would highly recommend WHITE MISO SAUTERNES BRAISED COD.  It’s not that often once can get a recipe from a chef with 2 Michelin stars, jury member of Canadian Master-Chef show and an owner of the extremely popular Bo Innovations in Hong-Kong. The appearance of the dish is deceiving, making you believe it’s a dessert.

  • Olive Cake Recipe with Citrus and Cream Cheese Foodnchef

Olive Cake Recipe with Citrus and Cream Cheese

One, two, three, four, are you ready to look for? Searching for that very olive cake recipe can take many years, hundreds of litres of cream and thousands of kilos of flour. But this is not your case. Because this amazingly aromatic and puffy and sweet story is right in front of you. When right

  • Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Fillet Recipe

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Fillet Recipe

I have been always interested in grilled salmon recipes. I should confess, this is my most favourite fish dish. I can eat salmon in any form. And I always look for salmon recipes in various culinary books. And, of course, I’ve got lots of different salmon recipes on my site. It will just suffice to

  • Francisco Pazos, Chef at Le Chef

Sous Vide Beef Cheek, Sweet Sherry Sauce, Perfect Fries and Char Grilled Scallion

Let's talk about the price of the project. And recipe of Sous Vide Beef Cheek. Sous Vide Beef Cheek, Sweet Sherry Sauce, Perfect Fries and Char Grilled Scallion Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Meat and Poultry Cuisine: European Cuisine Serves: 4 Ingredients 4 nice beef cheeks Half bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine Half

  • Юра Черноус_9

Rainbow Trout baked in salt dressing (flambe) with tartar made of porcini and pine buds

For a long time I’ve been thinking of making a book about Ukrainian varenyky (stuffed dumplings of unleavened dough). I have already chosen and examined recipes. Rainbow Trout baked in salt dressing (flambe) with tartar made of porcini and pine buds recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Seafood Cuisine: European Cuisine Serves: 1 Ingredients Trout

  • Olga Martynovskaya, Chef at Culinary Academy of Hector Jimenez-Bravo

Apple experience and Tomato chess Recipe

When I was a kid and was only learning the social world in the fifth form of a comprehensive school, my father brought a lot of boxes with apples from Moldova. That was time when the deals were made through barter, as nobody actually had money. And everyday I took 10 apples to the school,