• New potato with flavorful apple-smoked salmon – that’s not a figment of your imagination. That’s a salad recipe. Open your eyes, close your mouth and let’s cook it together.

Salad with new potatoes and slices of apple-flavoured smoked salmon

Boiled, baked and fried potatoes, french-fries and steamed potatoes – there dozens, if not hundreds of recipes of this vegetable known from the very childhood. For example, the most popular recipe of the project is potatoes baked with herbs or homemade salad with baked vegetables and slices of rye bread. But new potatoes do not

  • Картофель, запеченный с травами-00

Potato baked with herbs

My kid is fastidious. He won't eat anythingand everywhere. And there's no way one can persuade him. And should I? Potato baked with herbs Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Main Dishes Cuisine: Ukrainian Cuisine Ingredients 500 g potato 5 g coriander 3 g garlic cloves 3 g paprika 2 g chilly pepper 2 g

  • Shkara


Shkara (stewed fish) is a simple old and extremely popular Odessa dish. Shkara used to be cooked everywhere in Odessa. Then true Odessa residents left and one just couldn't find enough scad. Now scad is back and only few people remember the recipe of correct and very tasty shkara. Aleksei Meniaylov is a true Odessa

  • Larousse Gastronomique and the recipe of Ukrainian borsch-1

Larousse Gastronomique and Ukrainian Borsch

Actually this post was supposed to be about tiramisu. I like tiramisu and I like cooking it. Moreover I cook tiramisu with the classic cream zabaione that is slightly different from that used to serve us in restaurants. But more about that will be another time. Recipe of Ukrainian borsch   Save Print Prep time

  • Homemade salad with baked vegetables and slices of rye bread-1

Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe

Now when the veggie season is in a full swing, it’s high time to cook various veggies dishes, including a tasty and healthy veggies salad. Do you know how long time ago people started preparing and eating salads? That’s one of the most ancient dishes of the world culinary, already 2500 years ago this kind

  • Sandwich of Privoz porter

Sandwich of “Privoz” porter

The greatest restaurant of Odessa Cuisine - it’s Clarabara. Yes, in heart of City Garden, near Deribasovskaya Street. In Odessa there are many good restaurants, but to eat Odessa Cuisine I go to Clarabara. And Chef of this great restaurant share recipe of Sandwich recipe with sprat to my project Food'n'Chef. Alexey Menyailov: I’ve chosen

  • Half meter of sausages-1

Half meter of sausages

Rejoice meat eaters and become sullen those, who eat only vegetable food. Half meter of sausage! This is a traditional Ukrainian dish with salo! Half meter of sausages Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Meat and poultry Cuisine: Ukrainian Cuisine Ingredients For 1kg of pork Salo (English - bacon or lard) - 400 g 8-10