• 6 recipes by michelin starred chefs

6 Recipes by Michelin Starred Chefs

Every form of art has the highest level of recognition. Each field of activity is evaluated in a certain way. Oscar for actors, and the Nobel Prize for scientists, but the truth except mathematics. They are not so lucky ;) For culinary art it's a Michelin star. And, in my opinion, it's the most mysterious

  • Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Most recently, we're talking about sweet dishes, cooking parfait. And when is winter outside and closer and closer is Christmas with all that gift fever and with them a great cozy home mood when you are watching a good movie under a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa. And here you are really need

  • Salad with Goat Cheese

Salad with Goat Cheese

Like it or not, but the salad is very, very versatile dish. Whether it's a holiday, a private dinner or a snack. It is so common in the good sense, hard to make a mistake. It is suitable for everyone. Adults and children, fastidious guests and not much for who enjoy light meals and those

  • Hummus Cook Book Giveaway

Hummus Cook Book Giveaway!

Do you love Hummus? Do you know how to make Hummus? Do you want a new book by Aleksandr Slyadnev and Alexey Shvets about Hummus recipes? All secrets about Middle East cuisine, incredible stories of Lobio and Dhal, unexpected Hummus ingredients and so many another interesting things. Have you imagined how you read new fresh

  • Suckling Pig -1

Suckling Pig

One of our main holidays is approaching every day closer and closer, Christmas celebration is coming. This is the day to cook best and tastiest dishes for our nearest and dearest. That’s the best time to demonstrate your culinary skills! Festive table is the main feature of this holiday, besides Christmas tree, presents and Santa Clause. And

  • Pistachio_Parfait

Pistachio Parfait

Let’s not be dissemble, we all love sweet. With tea or coffee as a snack or just pleasure. Admit it, we often say the phrase - "I want something tasty," and it just means tasty dessert. We're already cooked a lot of "sweet" - for example, Apple Pie with Nuts and Raisins or French Macaroons.

  • How to put it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! Dorado fish with vegetable tagliatelle from the chef Dariya Grasnitskaya will win the hearts of the most demanding foodies.

Dorado Fish with Vegetable Tagliatelle

How to spell it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! As for the correct spelling, consult the Wikipedia. In fact, this world-famous fish has a lot of names: aurata, sparus, lampuka and even dolphin fish. In American restaurants it is called dorade, in Italy – orata,

  • Best Hummus in the World

Best Hummus in the World

Hummus is incredibly popular. From Israel to Greece and further across the globe, it confidently walks and wins more hearts. It is eaten for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner, and even when your heart desires, because hummus is so so tasty. A method of cooking and the taste of hummus are very different depending

  • Best Pastry Recipes by Food'n'Chef

Best Pastry Recipes by Food’n’Chef

Christmas period is one of the best moments to cook something tasty. You want it or not, you feel tempted to enjoy a delicious dessert. The atmosphere is relaxing, all you want is to rest, drink hot tea or coffee and savour a slice of sweet-smelling pastry. Or enjoy it after lunch or dinner. Generally a

  • Kuksi Soup

Kuksi Soup

What are the general features that attract us in Asian cuisine? Its spicy, colourful and delicious food, which can hardly be compared with any other. It is totally different. Starting from a set of products and finishing with presentation of the dish. In Asia, people go crazy about noodles and there is incredible number of