First of all, I’ll give you the Danube Herring Recipe. You don’t even need to strain a lot.

Firstly wash your legs, after do the pedicure. And your first important activity is to go to the Privoz for buying a herring. If it’s lucky haul – it’s should be fresh. If someone tells you that he catches it in the morning, but fish is little bit tired, and looks like frozen, be sure, he lies to you!

Clean fish by yourself. Don’t give it to market people. Cut the head, put out the organs.

Add little bit of salt, little bit of sugar, but better add everything as 2:1. And also add bay leaves and peppercorn. And if you want something unique – add a half of lemon.

Cover everything by food wrap or top and leave in the fridge.

To the bottom of pan add salt and sugar. And stop doing me stressed, I’m not guilty, that you’ve done everything, and I’m little bit late with salt!

If you are going to eat it by pieces – it’ll be done tomorrow. If you do it with the whole fish – you need to wait for three days. And you need to shake it every single day, because it’s going to be tasty.

And wait, I just don’t understand, why are you still here? Why are you not on the way to Privoz for herring?

Danube Herring

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