About Figueres, which is located in the north of Spain, I didn’t know anything exactly to the moment, until I decided to run away from Girona. I opened several guides and read what is next, within an hour drive. And found the Salvador Dali Museum, whish is basically famous for Figueres.

I have a unique approach to the planning of my trip. Someone it comes, someone would say it is wrong, but this is my way to recognize new things in this life. In subsequent articles, I will tell you about it. In my approach, the main role is played by the spontaneity, flexibility.

Figueres, the birthplace of Dali and the city of pretty Frenchwomen-2

Therefore, no joy in Girona, I took my things and went to another city, to visit the Salvador Dali Museum.

Now, for a moment, imagine how I move in the cities. I drive with a studio light, because my trip is half working and I will have multiple shootings in Barcelona and Milan. Flashes take two bags weighing about fifteen pounds. The first is on wheels and the second is on shoulder.

Figueres, the birthplace of Dali and the city of pretty Frenchwomen-3

Back to Girona I didn’t plan, however, hoping that in Figueres there are safety deposit boxes and I’ll leave my bags there and go quietly walk around the city, quietly boarded the train. Well, as quietly. With adventures. But in Figueres there were no luggage rooms at the station, therefore, putting bags on my shoulders and opened the map, I walked slowly to the Salvador Dali Museum.

Figueres, the birthplace of Dali and the city of pretty Frenchwomen-5(2)

Figueres was memorized me by narrow, pleasant streets, where there was a festive mood, smiling and polite the Spanish and lots of pretty Frenchwomen.

I am very sorry that I couldn’t find a camera store and walk more through this small town without my bags, to communicate with responsive local and drink a glass of delicious wine in one of the cafes. So I was limited only to the Museum and the way station and back.

And following my trip to Spain I’ll put Figueres in the list of must-attend cities. It’s worth it.