Well, that’s all. The end of my two-month trip to Hong Kong. This is so sad that I want to escape from the plane, yes yes. Days have been so eventful that I barely remember what happened in the beginning of my journey. And the time before flying to Hong Kong seems to me something that was in the previous life.

I will miss this city, for new friends, for work here, although the latter is practically no different from the Ukrainian, moreover, that all conversations took place in English.

At the first opportunity I get back here, I think that without Hong Kong I like without a piece of something important in my life. I breathe differently here, otherwise I began to look at many things. What I used to ascribed a lot of importance today is not so important for me and vice versa. There are new goals and new desires. This city is filled an emptiness inside of me, and though in the next half a year I can’t come here, I will do everything possible to move to live in Hong Kong.

But posts about this glorious and favorite for me the city don’t end there. I have collected a lot of material, something has already been processed, something waiting in line, but almost every day I will be releasing new stuff in my blog.

And ahead is one day in Istanbul, and the day after tomorrow I will be in Odessa. Several days of rest, jet lag, and get back to work. Photography school, with new ideas and techniques, put the finishing touches to the book about Odessa and Odessa food, continue shooting for our joint venture with Gastrolab channel about food and recipes, planned shooting for restaurants and several new projects, about which I’ll discuss in due time. In general, the work is no end and even a little more.

Well it was the end of communication. See you in Odessa.

Flying home-2