Recently I remembered my trip to Hong Kong and meeting with incredible chef, and work with him is something, I’m still proud of.

I share story with Luxury Travel Magazine (Ukraine).

Because of my profession with a big passion I really like to meet new people.

And living in Hong Kong, I met a Сhef at RyuGin with two Michelin stars. Modest as the cherry blossoms in good day, Japanese Hideaki Sato amazed me by his hospitality.


And much later, only dealing with many other starred Chefs, I realized what significant person in the kitchen I was lucky to meet.

– Did you shoot for Haydeyaki Sato? wide-eyed, funny Spain Chef asked me, the owner of one of the most popular restaurants in Barcelona.

– I just dream to meet him …

– Tell me a little bit more about this guy, he’s a genius! – repeat to Spanish Chef cool Chef from Kuala Lumlur who cooks lunch for the King of Malaysia.

A native restaurant ща Hideaki Sato, RyuGin hovering at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, with magnificent views over the bay and the skyscrapers of Hong Kong; away from the hustle and bustle of the streets charms as peace and quiet the Japanese imperial garden.

We sat by the windows, drinking tea and eating all kinds of food, which were presented by a helpful Japanese. We looked thoughtfully out the window and quietly, almost a whisper he told his story of life and success.

Hong Kong with Fujifilm X-M1-2

Here is a story of amazing chef!

My name is Hideaki Sato. I love Japanese and gastronomy, as well, with love, I make an aesthetically beautiful, but still delicious food in the restaurant in Hong Kong. RyuGin is place on the 101st floor, where I work as a chef.

In general, I was born on July 31, 76 in Japan, although for a long time I worked in a French restaurant, native cuisine “catch up” with me anyway.

I grew up in the city of Nagano, and spent childhood in a house surrounded by apple farm. The smell of apples and bright colors, the rustling leaves – nature has been a big part of my childhood. Mountains, forest, river, waterfall – it was not in books, it was around me. For harmony I needed only sea! Well, it I have now.

I started my career at age 19 and became a cook in the 24. That is, in some figurative summary, I would write that works as a chef for almost 15 years.

I am well versed in the two cuisines: French and Japanese. I became chef in Nagano, I created different masterpieces of French cuisine in Asia. The elegance and delicacy have not left me and after – again I became the chef of the French restaurant. In 2009, I decided to come to RyuGin – in addition to working in my kitchen, I assisted in the design of Yamamoto boss food for the first class of Japanese airlines. The interesting part of my life!

The most spectacular, memorable, magical and cool moment was when we get 3 Michelin stars for the restaurant RyuGin. It’s hard to describe the feeling of pride, happiness and other things. It was long time ago, but I remember it very well yet, but I know that I will not forget the feeling in 20 years.

I like simple, clean taste of the ingredients. It’s not another option – that’s just bad. I just believe that the simplicity – this is exactly what most impresses people. And I must say, not only in cooking.

I like traveling very much. Since then, when I began to live in Hong Kong, I was in many Asian countries. Color, odor, flavor, mood and harmony of different cities and countries to inspire a fresh look at my kitchen. I do not hang out around the world, but always take the opportunity to travel.

Chefs are wizards. The ability to see in a simple eating something that can be combined with other food with other spices, in a different form, and temperature – is not given to everyone. I remember very well how I had once inspired by the very first chef, with whom I worked. He was like a magician to me! Since then, I try not to forget what the creation of gastronomic masterpieces is an art and a little magic. Keep this in mind and there will be more pleasant.

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