Today, my native and beloved city celebrates a birthday.

I live here, I love this place. It has its own atmosphere. Here live kind and helpful people and the most beautiful girls in the world.

My project “Food’n’Chef” I started from here, from Odessa. There are very delicious restaurants in Odessa: perhaps, because of the climate, perhaps, because the inhabitants of Odessa always come to the matter philosophically and with a little bit of humor.

And in honor of the city’s day, I want to introduce to you the best Odessa chefs, which I shot for the project “Food’n’Chef”. And of course, all the other chefs from other cities and countries you can see at the project site.

Oleg Opria. Chef of art-café Obshchaga

Food’n’chef my city-2

“I try to avoid any preferences. I try to cook and teach others to cook so that our work can bring happiness and pleasure to people. So that people coming to our café feel homey and gladly come to us again”.

Aleksei Meniaylov, chef of Klarabara

Food’n’chef my city-3

“I don’t have any food preferences. The way I prepare food for myself can appear strange to others. At home I like, for example, to mix mashed potatoes with buckwheat porridge, add meat gravy and whipped eggs. I like mixtures like this. But my favourite dishes are fried potatoes and roast chicken”.

Vladimir Rumiantsev. Chef of Le Grand Café Bristol

Food’n’chef my city-4

“I’m 42. I’m a chef by birth. I gained my work experience in Moscow five-star hotels: Baltschug Kempinski and National, and at the restaurants: «Pushkin Cafe» and «Ginger – gist of taste». I was involved in the opening of five-star hotel Bristol”.

Stefano Antoniolli, chef of ‘Ministerium’

Food’n’chef my city-6

“I like my work and everything that is related to it. I like to meet famous chefs and to get knowledge from them. I like to learn about new methods. I read a lot of books related to my profession. I attend courses, visit other restaurants. I like to decorate dishes and tables for drink receptions and to cut out landscapes and sculptures from vegetables and fruits. I like to surprise guests. Today, the world of culinary is the art with different areas. And I like them all”.

Viktor Prodanov. Chef of Grand Prix

Food’n’chef my city-0

“I am 36 years old, I was born and grew in Odessa. 16 years I work as the cook, five of them in Grand Prix. I wanted to become a cook since the childhood. started to cook at school, constantly surprising the parents”.

Aleksey Shvec. Chef of Bernardazzi

Food’n’chef my city-7

“Create and cook are the absolute pleasures in my life, which can be compared only to sex may be or my favorite music”.

Sergey Neboga. Chef of Pomodoro

Food’n’chef my city-8

“I like cuisines from all over the world. Each of them is interesting in its own way. Each of them is original and distinctive. Today we can try any cuisine. We can go by plane to any country and try local food. Or we can go to a restaurant or a café, offering adaptive cuisine in the place we live”.

Nikolay Truba. Chef of Gogol-Mogol

Food’n’chef my city-9

“I like the way my mother cooks. Her dishes are the best. I’ve never tasted anything better. But apart from this, I like Mediterranean cuisine. As for cooking, I can cook everything: from Odessa dainties to Japanese dishes which are popular today. But this is not for the restaurant. Our menu is Odessa-European”.

Oleg Pashkevich, Chef of Sushi360

Food’n’chef my city-10

“I’m 28. I was working as a barman in a restaurant, when the Japanese cuisine became popular in our country. I decided I wanted to make classy sushi and went to Kiev, where I became an apprentice of a Japanese sushi master Yoshi. My apprenticeship reminded Hollywood thrillers of 1990s, where the main protagonist goes to a guru of martial arts in the heart of Tibet. But My Tibet was in Kiev”.