I have a feeling that United Airlines pilots are selected for their healthy American humor.

I could see the interview at the head office:
-Do you know how to drive this large machine?
– Yes .
– And to joke during the flight ?
– Yes, no question!

I wrote how the pilot joked during my last flight from Singapore in this company. This time captain’s mate coquetted during landing. She informed the standard chants, and at this moment the plane went into the clouds and started hard steeve.

– Oh, gentlemen, and now a bonus from our company. Your favorite Russian slides. Enjoy, it’s free.

Funny pilots in United Airlines-2

And a herd of obese Americans in cowboy hats in transit in Chicago, beginning with a sincere childish laughter to create a wave of the hand, rejoicing in each air hole.

Not laughed only green Filipino, sitting next to me and clutching the arms so that I began to worry, won’t he be tolerated with his chair.