Although I gradually refuse to work with people more and more specialized in food shooting, nevertheless I am fascinated by Hong Kong as a location for portraits.

Photo shoot in Hong Kong – it’s an adventure, comparable to some amusing tale in which you accidentally hit from under a pen of a crazy writer, enthusiastic with a process so that we have to surrender to long arm of coincidence and enjoy what is happening around you.


Hong Kong is replete with various charismatic little corners, so beautiful that they just beg into a frame. Streets and parks, mountains and beaches – there will never be any question of where to photograph your model.


Sun and its multiple reflection from mirrored skyscrapers and plashes of sunlight from passing vehicles create unimaginable play of light through which the city simply transforms, feasting upon the volume and contrast.


To make photo shoot in Hong Kong is more easily due to the fact that in this multimillion city both new and carefully stored old are well combined and rubbed along. Ancient and scuffed houses border the glittering skyscrapers, smart parks with impenetrable jungle in the mountains …


A huge variety of details saturates the frame so that sometimes distracts from the main objects, which in principle doesn’t hinder continue to shoot and shoot.


Separate keywords require a huge amount of people in Hong Kong. And because of this, if you want to get the deserted streets in the frame, it’s better to go for a photo shoot early in the morning, when still lonely passers-by hurry up to work and with difficulty, but you can still find some ivy bushes.


Generally the most ideal scenario for a photo shoot in Hong Kong is to start early in the morning at six o’clock, when the first rays of the sun only hug the sleeping city, catch the light reflection in skyscrapers, work for some hours, and with the first influx of residents hurrying up to work to hide away in a cozy cafe and have a cup flavored coffee, looking at the camera succeed frames.


After coffee break out on the narrow streets, which are hidden from the sun and continue to shoot there. And believe me, literally every second passer will offer you his help, that at some point becomes a little intrusive, but it’s all done so kindly and with a smile, it seems that it’s not curious and happy Chinese wants to help, and you tell him, and to refuse is impossible.


And once looking back, you realize that half a block is overlapped, someone pulls up down the cars, so they don’t interfere and keep out of the frame, someone holding a flash, someone brings your model a bottle with water, and the others just stand and happily smiling, discussing your actions, watching.


And runned away from the busy streets, you go in search of secluded and lonely place, which there are lots of in Hong Kong. You can go to an ancient temple or climb into the mountains. And you can take the ferry and sail away on a distant island, and there continue to photograph your model.


But already late afternoon, back in the city, you can play around with the setting sun, making the composition of the beautifully illuminated buildings, hurrying about their business passers and your model.


Well, if you’re a lover of night photo shoots, the Hong Kong will delight you in this, too. Beautiful illumination on skyscrapers always illuminated streets and dim light on the waterfront …


In general, be that as it may, in Hong Kong you can make a photo shoot a full day without stopping. And it’s not the slightest, absolutely doesn’t strain and distracting. One gets the feeling that the whole city as seeks to help you, by all the forces helps ensure that you have at long last a beautiful and original picture.


And what is the most interesting is how much photo shoots you wouldn’t do in Hong Kong, never, believe me, you’ll never be able to repeat one and the same frame. The city changes, as if by magic, and in this is the beauty of this place, and it’s what I love it.


Good luck with the photo shoots in Hong Kong, and if I need to give you some secret places, call me J