As I promised, I’m starting a series of posts about Hong Kong, which I visited in October. All photos were taken on the iPhone, so don’t treat them as highly artistic. Shoot “street” is not mine. I just share my experiences.

All the way from Odessa to Hong Kong took about one day and a half. At the same time, two nights, that is convenient.

Hong Kong. Flight.-2

By bus “Autolux” from Odessa to Boryspol’, by”Aeroflot” to Moscow. Six hours in Moscow, where I managed to go and take the photo of the chef for the project “Food & Chef”, and then went to the plane for HG. With the help of ‘Aeroexpress’ from Boryspol’ airport to the city it took a half an hour without traffic jams. It cost only about 10$.

Jet lag didn’t bothered me. Maybe because of night flight or maybe because of the special pills from it. Or maybe because of both. Although over one and a half days I slept only three hours. Sitting position is not very good for a normal sleep.

The sky was covered with clouds for the whole way. I had the feeling that the world was bundled up the clouds and prepared for hibernation. Although the look was great, we flew through the taiga and a piece of Tibet. And the HK, they say, is very gorgeous at landing.

The Chinese are noisy restless on the plane. You have feeling that this is one big family, very polite, though the family of two hundred people, which only does that communicate with each other.

In their spare time from the interaction they are doing exercises. Twist the head, squat, shake hands, massage the different parts of the body. A nation obsessed with health. And that’s cool.

Hong Kong. Flight.-3

Economy class – it’s like a bus. If a flight from Kiev to Moscow you can survive easily, then 9 and half hours from Moscow to HK – it’s fucking magical. The man, who was sitting in front of me, stood for half the night, because of his 120 kg he couldn’t sit in the chair.

Airport is cool. There isn’t custom house practically. All registration and customs clearance took only about five minutes.

Speaking the truth it was a hitch with the luggage. Someone took my luggage from the tape, and I was looking for a half an hour for it until I realized that I should to go around the tape. But the luggage of guys, from the later flight from Kiev to Moscow, didn’t arrive in the HK. They promised to send it to their hotel.

Flight is a heavy thing, and it is very difficult to sustain it. But the result is worth it.