Plump all night with chef of Michelin restaurant probably was a bad idea. It seemed to me so in the morning when I barely opened my eyes to his shooting, but certainly not the previous evening.

Generally this fantastic idea to get here by my favorite schedule and get up at 6:30 in the morning, I gave up long ago. Well, it is not possible when all in Hong Kong begins to function at three o’clock.

When you try to make an appointment before you are looked at as a Martian. And I have pinned to the citizens of Odessa, which usually begins to work at eleven.

No, of course, somewhere in a parallel universe there are people who come here to work and at eight o’clock, and I even know of. And generally don’t envy them.

Hong Kong – the city that eats energy-2

As one pretty girl told me, Hong Kong is so full of events that just sucks you energy without remainder. And you just need a little more time to recover it.

And it’s true. City where every day something happens. Every day. And get used to it, as to a drug. And every day you go out on the street looking for a new dose.

What also give you today in Hong Kong? New people or a delicious and fancy restaurant? Or magical street, shining with a light as in expensive Hollywood blockbuster about a romantic relationship?

Or maybe all at once, and you’re under the impression you don’t sleep half the night, tossing and trying to drown out the emotions under the covers …

Life here is similar to racing at full steam locomotive, which seems almost impossible to stop. And should it?

Hong Kong – the city that eats energy-3

Hong Kong is a striking city of contrasts. Only here, in the oldest and very popular restaurant in the city, with a little less than two centuries of history and renovation of the fifties, could work the Indian chef who cooks amazingly delicious Italian dishes.

How like to say local, it’s Hong Kong style, baby …