Probably the worst thing I could do in Hong Kong to practice their language, and indeed, to expand the circle of acquaintances among the local – is to become familiar with the Russian

Meet, his name is Anton. The guy came from Kiev literally half a year ago, fell in love with a Russian girl who lives here for a very long time. They met in Thailand and immediately flew out to Hong Kong together.

Anton doesn’t speak English and communicate with everybody exclusively in Russian. During his growth about 1.90 and good-natured facial expression, it looks funny.

– What do you want from me, red Chinese bitch? – He asked with good-natured bass in Russian that funny Chinese woman looking down at her. I told you give me this bun, as it is there … Viz chokolat pliz …

Hong Kong. The eight day-2

Anton is a professional swimmer and very upset if ingested in unusual situations. He has standard as tracks in the pool well studied trails in the city and any different step aside is a great stress for him. I, on the contrary, throw myself into the abyss of the human maelstrom and just enjoyed watching, where this vortex will lead to.

– Ahh, where do you lead me? – He says, when we got to the age-old Chinese district with a huge variety of people. If I get lost here, it will soon go the legends about the strange guy who lives in these streets and scares all issues in unfamiliar language…

Here are such my nightly walks happen sometimes that fit to be called “The adventures of two Russian guys in fabulous Hong Kong.”