Just five days since I arrived in Hong Kong. I planned this trip for almost a year and it took several more months for the organization

The hardest part of such long journeys – is to organize for yourself a normal life.

Not a tourist entertainment, although the place for tourism there is of course, namely a full life.

To organize life, food, sport and hobby. Workflow and communication with Ukraine. After that I went to work in another country, doesn’t cancel my commitments and agreements in Odessa.

Naturally you need to organize communication. Without it in few weeks you simply give a wail because of loneliness.

I have a deep feeling that I’m in Hong Kong for nearly a month. So much new sensations, emotions and impressions.

Though I was in Hong Kong last year, and foursquare often greets me with ‘Glad to see you again in this place’, Hong Kong met me with new and new discoveries.

Small and not very but, thank God, is often pleasant.

I still can’t adapt to the time difference. Now I have six in the evening, while in Ukraine is ten o’clock. I don’t wake up until eleven, and I can wander around the city until three in the morning.

Because of this, I obviously once slept the shooting and don’t have time to do some planned things.

If the last time I took special tablets from jet lag, but this time due to a busy routine in the Ukraine, I didn’t have time to buy them, and then to take them here is too late.

In my spare time, I walk the streets of the city, trying to photograph interesting things.

Fujifilm has given me especially for this trip the mirrorless camera and I almost never leave it, during the day making several hundred frames.

On this note, I end this stream of thoughts and go on to settle down in this wonderful city.

Merry Christmas!