Everything is relative. And if you have no opportunity to compare its present state and its past, and you will live in a fictional reality it. Many people have personal diaries, not sparing their time to it. I am deprived of such an opportunity, I simply do not have the patience to write my thoughts and actions every day or at least once a week. And then reread.

In my case it’s landmarks. It could be a situation with which I can restore some order in live. The man, whom I had not seen for a long time, and thanks to him I can not compare myself with them today from the past. The combination of scents, a note that had fallen behind the wardrobe …

Today’s landmark was my mailbox that I have since 2005. It was nearly full, and I decided to delete some old and already irrelevant letters, and opened its very first letter. It was a chat with my friend from Germany. And there were pictures, which we shared with each other.

I looked at pictures of that period, read our chat with him, and remembered…


That was in 2005, I just bought some cheap digital camera, and of course, taking pictures of myself and everything around me. Friends, girls, cats, dogs and architecture. And in a letter I shared with my other photos, I asked his evaluation. The funny thing is that I then sent the photo in full size 3-5 megabytes, and this at a time when the size of the letter was not more than 5.


And at that time I had a desire to take a normal digital camera. In the spring of 2005. All summer, autumn and winter, I’ve shooter using snapshot camera, trying somehow create “masterpieces” and asking for assessment of my friends, dreaming about great camera.


And you know, remembering that period of my life, I realize that while I did not even imagine that this snapchat camera is the corner point in the formation of me as a photographer. Could I suggest in 2005 that my life choices is a photography? Could I think that in 5 years I’ll shoot the most beautiful girls who haunt the minds of men ? What am I going to create ads for leading companies in our city?

No, then I’ll just enjoy life, trying to make interesting shots at that time, dreaming about good camera and sent my friends photos of 3-5 MB.