In Hong Kong, I pretty much go on foot. Well, this is not surprising. There is no sense to travel by taxi, subway is very convenient and fast

And if I’m traveling light, without equipment, I would prefer few kilometers walk than driving transport.

How many kilometers I reeled in Hong Kong-2

Here, in the picture, my amount of distance traveled over the past week. On average, it turns a little less than fifteen miles a day.

I use to track Moves program and bought on sale tracker Shrine.

In principle one give one and the same picture on the number of distance with an accuracy of a kilometer or two.

How many kilometers I reeled in Hong Kong-3

The only disadvantage of the Moves program is that it eats like a horse battery. But I can trace almost every step on the map and all the places where I stayed.

Very handy thing if you want to track your movements and distance traveled.