It’s not a secret that the best criterion for appraisal the restaurant – it’s the quality of food. And unfortunately, check out this quality can be only one way. Having tried the few dishes which chef of the institution offers us.

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About my personal criterion for appraisal the restaurant based on the quality of photos in the menu I described in the article «Two reasons not to eat in the restaurant where there are bad pictures in the menu». But this method doesn’t always work. Quite often in the restaurants there are no photos, there are restaurants where there is no menu at all, and the chef simply recapitulates the daily specials. And there are places with beautiful photos and perfect page proofs in the menu, but disgusting food.

And then what to do regular traveler? To go and to try dishes at random, giving his own money for dubious quality pleasure, chilling himself gaiety and not getting the pleasure, for which, in principle, come? Probably, before everybody did so.

But today there are still several ways you can find out about food, even without visiting the restaurant. An experienced traveler in advance, even before arriving in the country, can already make a list of those places, wherever he wants to go and enjoy delicious meals.
I’m talking about social services to appraisal the places, such as foursquare, for example, tripadvisor, which practically in online mode with the help of conventional users appraise the quality of the food.
This is my favorite service, it’s quite widespread throughout the world and it’s used by lots of people. It’s indispensable in the majority thanks to the reviews that users of the service leave.

Here, for example, in Barcelona I visited a wonderful, small tapas bar that opens only few hours a day and by the time of opening to it there’s a queue of thirty people. Before to go to Cal Pep, I read the reviews and found out hours of operation, and it’s all thanks Foursquare:

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Or in Hong Kong I several times dined in the restaurant Crystal Jade, inexpensive and very tasty restaurant where there’s amazing Chinese rice noodles and equally tasty chicken with cashew nuts under the acute-sweet sauce. Necessarily take spicy noodles. It’s much tastier.

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As you can see, with the help of this service you can easily see reviews, look at pictures of dishes made by visitors themselves and appreciate the interior, if it’s important for you. I will return to Foursquare in one of my next post, as I actively use it not only to appraise the restaurants.
As for me, quite aggressive and unhelpful service, I had several attempts to use it, and all ended rather badly. I didn’t get for what I came in and only killing my mood. As a result, I deleted the app from my phone and forgot about this annoying service.

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The only positive thing – is its lists of the restaurants that team of tripadvisor creates by themselves. For example, a dozen of the best restaurants in Spain.
Program is exclusively for public catering which is very popular in Asia. I used it in Hong Kong, Singapore. Very good if you want to see the most popular among the local population.

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At all, Asia has one feature. If you want to enjoy a delicious public catering, look for a place where there’s a large queue, and in any case, don’t go to restaurants where there are no people. But I wrote about it in my short note «Shave whether beard and about delicious food in Hong Kong».

And good luck in finding delicious restaurants!