I dream of the day when roaming won’t cost virtually nothing. But I still dream of peace in the world and about flights to our nearest neighbors in the next galaxy. I think these things will happen at the same time, sometime in the distant future

In the meantime, we have to endure the draconian roaming prices and sullenly receive messages such as those in the screenshots below, with the wild prices for calls, from the era of crimson jackets with mobile phones with dimensions of a pochette.

Pay thirty five hryvnia for one minute, especially if you’re used to talking for a long time and a lot of, well, very, very much. Therefore, I once set out to find a cheaper option. And I found it.

Now, wherever I am, what an ass in the world I would not skidded at least incoming from my country I accept virtually free.

To do this, I need several things:
– Local SIM card
– Access to the Internet at-least five minutes

So, first things first.
We have a great office TeleZvon. In advance, while you are still at home, you must conclude an agreement with them (to register and deposit the balance of the money) and tell what country you are going.

Girls give you a virtual Ukrainian number to which you do redirection from your mobile.

Upon arrival in the destination country and buying local SIM cards, you inform them your local number by e-mail or via Skype, they have a very well organized support service.

That’s all, after half an hour you get calls on your Ukrainian number that come to local card over the Internet.

By cost it comes out slightly more expensive than using a mobile phone at home due to the fact that you have to pay your carrier for forwarding (I don’t pay it, because in my contract redirection is free), subscription for a virtual number and per-minute billing for incoming. But the amount goes dirt-cheap, considering that you’re always in touch with your Ukrainian number.

How to configure a very cheap roaming in trips

Voila, incoming calls are customized. Enjoy the trip on-the-job.

How can that be with the outgoing? Here, too, everything is quite simple. The main thing is having a good Internet. Calls via Skype. This is not the cheapest way, because you can still to configure sip-phone and call around the world almost for nothing. But still with sip I didn’t have enough time to understand.

Well, with a list of contacts are diverse messengers and social networks. In general, for telephony abroad I spend about one hundred dollars, though the total talk time I have with my homeland is about more than ten hours per month.