Hummus takes important place Middle East cuisine. Unless the king, but exactly the duke. Because of love to it. Big love.

Hummus is a foreign guest, so sometimes we wonder – how to eat hummus? How to serve hummus?

The main misconception about hummus is that it is only an appetizer. I’m ready to bet here. Hummus is a quite main dish and it is considered to be an undeniable advantage is that it is almost impossible to mess up.

Let’s start with the standard scheme. Usually hummus served in restaurants before the main meal. Most often it is accompanied by pickles and breads. The flat is called pita.

A pita in Greek means “pie”. But it has already poured so hard in our gastronomic language that closely associated with tortillas.

Spoons and forks are not served to the hummus. Tear off a piece of pita bread, hummus and pick up a mouth. Tasty and not less than useful!

Do not forget that hummus is quite rich and if an aperitif, then be careful, then you can of meat and does not want to;)

Pete can be replaced with pita bread or toasted bread, so that you are comfortable.

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In Israel hummus is served as follows: on a flat plate put hummus, smear on the edges, at the center put Thahini  and olive oil. Often, even sprinkled with red pepper. Then he takes the freshest pita, break off a piece and … No more appointments directly from the plate in the noisy company or alone, you scoop up hummus and eat!

If you want to change the traditional hummus and add notes of diversity, it is possible to refer to the amendments, which will make it only better. So, it may be oil or basil paprika. Sun-dried tomatoes, horseradish and olives.

And you can turn hummus into a main dish , filing it with meat or poached egg.

Your imagination will turn your hummus in the world’s best, most delicious and fabulous.

Important and most important rule – to eat it as the soul desires. With bread, pita bread or just by spoon! Adding sunflower seeds, nuts, meat, or as a salad. The main thing, then smile with pleasure :)

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