Aleksandr’s speciality is food and people, who create it. His works are evaluated in Ukraine and all over the world. He shoots famous Chefs, collaborates with Michelin Restaurants and popular Edition… He knows almost everything about food.

Aleksandr, let’s start with the most banal question. How did you became a photographer?

Now is really popular books about how to became someone. But successful person knows one and only secret – to work hard. Doesn’t matter who you want to be – photographer, doctor, chef or writer, forget about laziness, consequences and work a lot. And study. To read book, visit work shops. Invest time and money to your future. It’s the only secret. And don’t forget about the rule of 10 000 hours. It’s time, which person needs to become a professional and be the best in your field. If you work 40 hours week, 5 days a week during 5 years, you will have such a number. If you are not ready to work hard, don’t even to try. You have only one life.

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How have you decided, that it’s more interesting to explore the world thought camera?

My parents invested a lot to my education. I finished art school. My child pictures participated in international contests and exhibitions. I even had a third place in Austrian Child Impressionist Contest. And thought next three years I stopped to be an art person and changed profession one by one. And after some events in my life, I have what I have now. Accidentally I got a camera. I shouted a lot, studied and decided, that I need to commercialize my hobby. There were first orders.Than more and more. Portfolios, weddings, reports. And I was looking for my speciality. A year ago I started to shoot only food.

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Tell us more about Food’n’Chef. Who or what did push you to create it?

It’s our life. We feel the world thought pictures. We think, speak with pictures and like just to watch them. That’s way a task of any photographer to glad a spectator by beautiful photos and influence thought that pictures. I always think that photographer as doer should discuss the issue, which bothers him, tell it to the audience. I confused with the thing, that we don’t know the people, who cook for us in restaurants. They are in shadow. It’s unique persons, with own stories and preferences.They like their job, and like to glad us with perfect dishes. But usual visitor of the restaurant even didn’t think about chef. One day I was sitting with a friend in one of the restaurants in Odessa. We really liked the food, and we wanted to meet with the chef to tell him “thank you.” But administrators said that the establishment of chefs or anyone of the staff can’t be at the hall. And I thought, “I eat a great meal, but do not know who cooked it to me: a man or a woman, what he looks like, that he cares about …”. And I wanted to know more about these people and show them to others. So it all started. Food’n’Chef. The main message is “There is always a story behind”. I shoot people, who are in shadow. It’s chefs. We have a breakfast or lunch or dinner in restaurant every day, and speak only with waiters. But not with someone who is responsible for food. In Food’n’Chef I show these people to the world. I travel the world and tell about best chefs and their dishes. Every story has interesting facts about chefs, their success and words about favorite dishes, its recipe. With the help of it, you can cook it at home. Now in my project there are about 150 chefs from all over the world, more then 20 with Michelin Stars and champions in different spheres of culinary. And more than 400 unique recipes.


When do Food-Photography became a passion? Why?

During my whole life, I do only what I want to do. My close people don’t like it, but this part of me helps me to be happy and not be limited by conventions of the community. My main priority is enjoyment. Satisfaction from work and live. After the experience, and then money. I have never done things, which give me big money, bot wouldn’t give a satisfaction. And add to that I have three hobbies: photography, tasty food and travel. Like to cook, like to eat and maybe shoot all that tasty things in different parts of our big world. It inspires me to work more and more. That’s why I became a food-photographer. I like to work with dishes, make a composition and to make audience hungry. Such a sadism, I know. I honestly alert. Yu shouldn’t be hungry, when you watch photos.


Food-Photographer, it’s not just a person with camera. Food-Photographer must know how to cook, should like to cook, understand i quality of products, know the names and origin of food. It’s share from your project. Are you good in culinary art? What do you like to cook?

Every profession has reverse side. Professional deformation.

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