What to do if you have to visit several countries in the European Union, and with this you badly, urgently need the Internet not only in the hotel, and in addition to this it’s necessary to do lots of phone calls? Buy a sim card of the local operator in each country, or worse, use the roaming prices by your home operator? Ugh …

Yet throughout Europe roaming hasn’t been abolished, there is one great service, called europasim.com. Even before the trip while you are in your home country, you can order a sim card by mail. To me it came to Ukraine for three weeks, but you know how our post is fast.

In addition, they send you by email detailed instruction on how to activate, configure, and how to fill it up with the money. Everything is very simple and intuitive. Package on the card is very simple too. For three euros a day you get 500mb of the Internet and a number of free calls and sms to Europe.

The card really works across Europe, including Turkey, which is also very convenient. It was tested in Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. In general, use this hit. And if you combine this method with the one that I described in the article How to configure a very cheap roaming in trips, then you can safely forget about communication problems across Europe.