All, I quit from the salutes’ photographers. Firstly, I don’t know how to pick a place. Second, calculate the time. Well, thirdly, I can’t be bothered to carry a tripod.

So, about the salute. In the New Year, I’m stuck in a crowd of Chinese among the skyscrapers, and stood there, hugging with Argentinian and Macedonian, without seeing the fireworks. This time I reached the peak with beautiful views, but a salute was so small, barely visible. Neither you might feel shots, nor enjoy the majesty of multicolored domes … Definitely quit.

Reader with positive thinking and after few personal growth trainings naturally says: Slyadnev, you could, by trial and error, you’ll take off a perfect salute, yes.

That’s the only question that don’t interested in salutes. Well, bummed a couple of hundred times, well, funny antics were as eights, hearts and shot in the shot. But that’s all. Boring. As everywhere.

Here, olivier, for example, is different. With chicken and sausage, crab and caviar. In the basin and design plate. That’s interesting. And not some bunches, even for twenty minutes.

All, go to quit from the salutes’ photographer. Where’s the paper to sign?

And at the same time, on the road, take to drink my failed career as a salute’s photographer on LKF. Happy New Year to you, the Chinese.

I’m not a photographer of fireworks-2

In addition to the previous post. Down from the peak, I decided to walk because hour queue for the tram / taxi / bass well, doesn’t attract me, alas.

And then the descent, I tell you, such that forty minutes go on bent. Who was aware.

Tomorrow will be sick ass so that doesn’t seem little, uuuh.

But though pumped it, darling, yeah. Well, that although wore my boots, that won’t slip, and then descent would become a fast exit.