In Hong Kong, everything is being imported. Absolutely everything. Ranging from highly skilled professionals who have lived here for years, becoming almost local, have families here on the place and ending with different products.

Import in Hong Kong-2

Here, for example chef of the restaurant, which is on the photo, Italian, hospitable to such an extent that even at some point it becomes awkward, preparing fully from Italian products. Completely – it means that only water from the local and sous-chef, sociable, plump Chinese humorist.

Tomato, meat and even hay, yes, fragrant and resembling his childhood hay with his grandmother in the village – all is imported from Italy.

And it’s not a special case, it’s everywhere. Fruits and vegetables from Australia are more expensive, and out of Thailand and Vietnam are cheaper, but tastier. Clothing from around the world, there are even local supermarkets-skyscrapers, such as nine floors, I didn’t raise further, don’t know, maybe more exclusively Japanese products, ranging from toothpicks and food and ending with some strange exotic of the land of the rising sun.

Here even the housekeepers are imported from the Philippines. Seriously, the girl sits in her village, talking with numerous relatives, preparing to eat and do everyday Filipino business, but at this moment her resume walking through the families who are in need of her services. Like her? Less than a month later she arrives from his fabulously beautiful but impoverished country. The funny thing is that the family, who invited Filipino Woman, is likely also import.

And in this is the whole Hong Kong. Hail import. The human and related to resource.