In Hong Kong live skilled salesmen of their city. Any attraction that you see on the tourist map, is not even worth to visit it.

Boring and long lines, new temples that replicate history, new monuments. A feeling that in Hong Kong literally five years ago there was nothing to show the people and the fathers’ city convoked a council and invented to poke in different parts of several temples and other uninteresting entertainments. It’s cool to visit them when you have few hours, you swoop check in there and there and with a sense of accomplishment unsubscribed on facebook, yeah, Hong Kong is cool.

Basically, by my own experience I can say that in other countries and cities everything is the same. As all the tourist spots are made under carbon paper. – crap – queue output.

Hong Kong is good with his life, true and tempting, but in order to see it here, you must stay at least for several days.

Today we visited with Anton about five temples, went through several parks. Visited the remains of the old Kowloon and the legendary quarter next to it. But the interesting thing here on the island and in the Monk Gok. Restaurants, life and old streets. Eeeh. I like not a tourist Hong Kong…