My son is a very stubborn young man. He wanted to get to Hong-Kong with me badly to see dragons. I don’t know why, but he decided Hong-Kong was a city of dragons.

Bosphorus Sunset-1

But I travelled to Hong-Kong on my own and sent him photos with Hong-Kong dragons and, of course, post cards depicting dragons.

And what could I offer to talk him into traveling to Istanbul with me? Delicious baklava? Turkish delight? Nope. He just doesn’t like Turkish sweets.

Beautiful view of the Bosporus? Cultural places of interest? No way.

Bosphorus Sunset-2

I talked him into by offering greedy seagulls that people feed right from the deck of a big ship, cruising between shores. This was the only motivation for my son to join me on this splendid trip.

Bosphorus Sunset-3

What can be better than taking lots of Turkish buns, climbing to the upper deck of the ferry, throwing crumbs up and laughing loudly with your son, while hungry seagulls are rushing above your head and masterfully catching pieces of bread?

Bosphorus Sunset-4

Hello, Istanbul!