– Bye-bye, beautiful city! – Misha said sadly, when we were living cheerful, decorated for Christmas Kadıköy district. Narrow streets, numerous lights and lots of happy people.

Bye bye beautiful sity-1

Kadıköy is like a separate city for my son. The thing is, we arrived here by ship. And it doesn’t matter that it’s just another district. It’s a city. A separate beautiful city full of people and small restaurants. Locals sell fish right in the street, and they fry it just nearby in cosy restaurants.

Bye bye beautiful sity-2

The place is full of tasty smells, one can buy nice biscuits or a candy and eat them while riding on father’s shoulders. And crumbs? Crumbs can fall right on the top of father’s head.

Bye bye beautiful sity-3

– Bye-bye, beautiful city! – Misha says and we get on a ferry once more to go to Sultanahmet. It’s not so crowded and there’re not so many decorations, but our hotel is waiting for us there.

Bye bye beautiful sity-4