To be honest, there are only 2 photos in this post that were taken by me. It’s easy to recognize them. They depict my son enjoying his favourite cars, ships and everything that’s related to them.

Cars Museum-1

If you ask me, how many toy cars he’s got at home, I’ll say: couple of hundreds. At least. There are almost no other toys. We construct garages of Lego and make race tracks of Scotch tape on the floor.

Cars Museum-2

So, it’s no wonder that one day I took Misha to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum of transport, industry and communications in Istanbul. There are great installations of old and not very old cars, motorcycles, operating engines, ships, boats, yachts and numerous other machines located on a vast territory almost right in the centre of Istanbul.

Cars Museum-3

If either you or your child enjoy cars, then I would strongly recommend to come to this museum during your trip to Istanbul.

Cars Museum-4

And yes, in the beginning of this post I said there were only two photos taken by me. All the others were taken by my son. The experiment is ongoing. Almost all the time my Fujifilm X-E1 is carried by my son.

Cars Museum-5

This is not the safest way to spend time, because apart from keeping my eye on my child, I also have to look out for my child-photographer and, of course, for my camera in his hands.

Cars Museum-6

How many pictures of this very car do you think were taken? Only for 15 minutes, my 5-year-old son managed to take 134 pictures from different angles and of different details of exterior.

Cars Museum-7

Tomorrow we will learn how to use aperture.

Hello, Istanbul!

Cars Museum-8

Cars Museum-9