What can a kid enjoy in a foreign city? Tasty food and tourist attractions? Bright trams and seagulls, soaring over Bosporus? Different entertainments? A dinosaur park and an enormous aquarium?

The photos taken by my son with a rather complex camera Fujifilm X-E1 show he was interested in a leaf captured in a fountain (24 photos) and various Istanbul cats, and they’ve got plenty of them here (more than 500 photos of different cats). These details might seem absurd for a grown-up, but they make a child ecstatic.

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To say the truth, when in a plane on our way to Istanbul I decided to leave my camera with Misha, I didn’t think it would work.

How can a 5-year old kid master a complex device requiring specific approach and posing a challenge to many adults?

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But everything turned out to be very simple.

– Misha, half press the button, you’ll hear a beeping sound and then press the button till the end.

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On the first day I put the camera off to him. On the second day he asked me to give the camera to him.

I want to confess, due to my professional habit, I forgot the camera had Auto regime. So I chose settings for him depending on the lighting conditions. On the third day, my kid asked me to do this:

– Dad, the photo is dark. Make it brighter.

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On the fourth day, I showed aperture to him. And that’s actually enough. Shutter wheel is too tough for child small fingers and ISO should be changed through the menu. An aperture wheel is smooth enough and the result can be seen at once in a life view regime.

This is how we took pictures with my son during our remarkable trip to Istanbul.

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It was difficult and interesting. With lots of impressions and emotions. But for a 5-year-old kid it’s too early to travel in such format. It’s ok to have fun on the beach or in Disneyland, but to walk along city streets – not in this age. Although after coming back home Misha said something that make me understand the trip was successful:

– Dad, let’s imagine that Istanbul is our city…

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