So it has turned from nature, and upbringing to blame, I’m on sixty percent of the visual and the remaining thirty five kinesthetic learner

And somewhere a little minimum takes music.

All music for me is just the noise. I perceive it simply as a set of rhythmic sounds of speech and the rest of the world sound by type of city’s noise, nature …

Jazz bar No Black Tie-2

I have never listened to the words of songs, same noise! What is there to listen?

My friend, Andrey Francev, called me one day a musical prostitute. Because I listen everything. But this is not true, I really peaceful in relation to any kind of music, except perhaps chanson. I can’t stand it.

But there is just one genre that doesn’t leave me indifferent. It’s jazz. I love jazz and ready to listen to it for days. Why is it so? Fuck knows, but jazz excites me and energizes. I mean by jazz and blues, calmer and sexual its variety. But it’s particular.

And I try during my trip to visit without fail jazz clubs and concerts. I know that the people with whom I meet there would be close to me in spirit and I will feel in their company more confident than among fans pop or even any kind of alternative kinds of music fans … Oh … They say that jazz bar, No Black Tie, where I am in is the best jazz club in Kuala Lumpur. And it seems to be true.