Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong-2

Hong Kong is very multicultural city. And not surprisingly, I talk here with the French, Italians and even Scandinavians. And of course with the Chinese, who speak English well, but their pronunciation is poor

I already well distinguish Cantonese Chinese from Chinese mainland and can, not always true, but to determine where a particular person comes from.

But that’s to say that I practice my English, so soon I will learn Chinese.

Therefore, my friends, if you have friends in HK, who would be interesting to talk about photography, food, travel – please recommend me. For me it’ll be a benefit, and I hope for people too.

Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong-3

In Hong Kong, it’s very funny when you are looking for the right places. You’ve got to get used to the fact that firstly, all the programs that can help navigate the terrain, lie.

For example Google Maps send me few times to other areas. Well, about Foursquare I generally keep quiet.

Here it is necessary to include intuition and look old fashioned way. Look at the street signs and asking people.

But beyond that, even if you come to the right place, you’ll get another test.

On the building under the address you will see only one small sign with information that yes, there is a restaurant, somewhere on the floor …

Here’s an example. To get to this wonderful institution in the photo, it is necessary to go to the mall, take the escalator to the third floor, on the floor to find a group of elevators, among them to find two that are exactly to this restaurant, stand a small queue and … Oh yes, to climb 21 floor.

At the same time you will meet only two signs. One at the entrance to the mall … and the second under the elevator buttons. Hooray, quest is completed.

Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong-4

On the Hong Kong Island, and in some parts of the mainland you could during days not walking on solid ground.

Almost everywhere in Hong Kong you can move through the pedestrian trestles, occasionally completely are closed off the street windows and air conditioned.

And you go from skyscraper to skyscraper, passing through the expensive boutiques and numerous restaurants, leaving the bottom of the noisy crowd with its fussy life.

Life is on the ground floor, because here, as in Britain, our first floor – it’s the ground floor.

And if you go on the ground, and in front of you see a trestle in front of you, know you need to look for a ladder on it, because in most cases there is no the land crossing the road.