Sometimes you meet a person, and there is a feeling that you know him for a million years! And inside is a pleasant feeling and you always have the topic for conversation, and there is a convenient minute for joke, and most importantly time flies …

And if we are in an incredible Hong Kong as if with the chef of a popular restaurant, and if he also introduces new wonderful dish?

I talked to Chef Kwan for more than 8 hours. We were just sitting and chatting about travelling, Chinese medicine and t’ai chi martial art, he is fond of…

Lobster Linguine Recipe
Recipe Type: Seafood
Cuisine: Italian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
The dish has been around since its first launch in 1985. The recipe has been ever upgrading and even the pasta itself took me half a year to perfect the semi-cook, al dente texture. The Boston lobster is done just right and out of the shell. Guests order the dish even at tea time.
  • 1/2 live Boston Lobster (750g)
  • 160 grams Linguine
  • 1 Shallot, minced fine
  • 100g 30% Fat Fresh Cream
  • 50g Fish or Chicken Stock
  • 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Salt, to taste
  1. Clean the lobster and cut in half or in chunks. You may choose to cook it with the shell or just the meat (for the claws, boil them for 30 seconds so to remove the meat easily). Keep the tomalley.
  2. Pad the lobster lightly with flour and seared until half cooked; set aside.
  3. Sauté the shallots in high heat with olive oil in a large pan for a minute, then add in salt, soup stock and cream until bubbling.
  4. Meanwhile, boil water for the linguine; cook and drain the pasta.
  5. Toss the lobster and linguine into the pan and stir everything until warm before serving.
  6. The cooking part takes approximately 5 minutes. It is hardest part is prepping the lobster.

You know, there are such conversations during which you are conceiving zen and there’s a fire starting burning inside of you. The fire that makes you create something, do people good and bring them happiness. Such conversations are rare, as well as the people that can make fire burning inside of you. And the conversation with Kwan was of this kind!

We should value such people as Simson Kwan. If you come to Hong Kong, drop by Café Landmark and say a big warm hello to him from me!
Lobster Linguine that’s what I was able to try out today!

I love Lobster and love in details. I met it several times in my project. As an example, here’s a story about the lobster and about how such a small part of the wardrobe, like glasses, can give me the opportunity to shoot for the best restaurant in town. But that’s history. And now let’s talk about Lobster Linguine that’s what I ate today in a wonderful restaurant in Hong Kong, in the Landmark skyscraper.

After reading the name, you know that it is something exclusive, unusual and very alluring. We’ll have to certainly work hard over to cook the lobster, but the result is definitely worth it! Dish with inner flame!

Lobster Linguine that's what I was able to try out today