All last week we’ve been smoking food! We’ve smoked mushrooms for amazing  smoked chanterelle and porcini salad with garlic chips and thyme oil, smoked haggis and cooked potato croquettes, smoked apple-flavoured salmon. Also we’ve smoked a duck from Staffordshire. Don’t you remember? Oh, you are right, the duck was a local one☺ But the recipe of Oatcake with Wild Duck originates from Staffordshire for sure.

This week we are having a foodies’ party. We still have to cook alcoholic cocktails and we gonna smoke them as well!

If I want to please everyone, them my choice is to mix whiskey cocktails. Usually they are favoured even by dainty ladies, the main thing is to serve it in a nice way. I assume, smoked cocktails sound so unusual that everyone will be excited about that.

We are going to smoke with a cool device – Smoking Gun handheld smoker. Don’t you have it yet? Not sure how to use it properly? Cool chaps from  Globaltop will show you everything with most detailed instructions.

Manhattan Cocktail with a Hint of Smoke
Recipe Type: Drinks
Cuisine: European Cuisine
  • Bourbon 40 ml
  • Red vermouth 30 ml
  • Campari 10 ml
  • A slice of orange for decoration
  1. Put ice cubes in the shaker
  2. Add all beverages and mix everything well
  3. Pour the cocktail into glasses and smoke under a glass cover
  4. Decorate with a slice of orange and serve

Cocktail recipes are so many and diverse, and one and the same drink can be mixed  in lots of different ways at different continents, even can vary in ingredients and proportions. Manhattan cocktail, which I presented today, is a classic English version.