My new story about trip to Barcelona, to the magazine Prosto & Vkusno (Moldova).

Barcelona. This is the most delicious city in Spain. And I, as a food photographer, is impressed by the love of food and then a number of Michelin-starred restaurants that can only go from restaurant to restaurant, licking fingers and arranging holiday belly.

But beyond that there insanely delicious street food. That only is breakfast at the most famous Boqueria market, fresh fish, cooked right there in front of you, with grilled vegetables. Or a huge plate of seafood, which you will get from the Catalan smiling three hundred times and wish to enjoy your meal.

Barcelona is the city of romance. Here everything is so saturated with it and can fight for that with Paris. And it is true. It is worth to walk through the streets of the city at 7 a.m., enjoying the graffiti on roller blinds, still closed shops, breakfast on the market and reach the promenade on the waterfront. Dine at the tapas bar, eating tasty Spanish appetizers. Well, and in the evening to visit one of the many restaurants and stroll along the main street.


The most important issue for food-photographer is food. Just imagine that you shoot for a month a few fondant. Or any other dishes popular in the world.

Shooting the top chefs of the world, at the same time to learn all subtleties and nuances of cooking a dish. Gradually, I got used to the better understanding have all the important features of a particular food, you come to the fact that there are anywhere – not an option.

And that’s why is very difficult for food photographer to eat anywhere in the world.

In Barcelona, I will tip the places that have become my favorite, and when I come back to my favorite city, will visit them again to enjoy tasty food.

Fairs in Barcelona

Lucky I always visit fairs in city, where I work. The fairs in Barcelona, it’s a new level. There are a lot of them, with different topics. An excellent opportunity to taste fresh farm products, innovative dishes from the young and as yet not very well-known chefs, and buy yourself some souvenirs in the form of the original sausage from nearby farms and delicious lavender honey.

barcelona food market

Boqueria Market

In this, the most popular market in Europe, right in between the rows of the street are several places, where they cook fresh catch. Tasty, cheap, and very fast. And this is where I started my morning. And do not forget, after a hearty dinner fresh seafood, buy a basket with fruit mix and stroll through the streets of the Old City.

Barcelona Restaurants

Restaurant Ra

I understand that trying African ethnic food in Barcelona is strange, but this restaurant I was surprised me by its colorful and affordable prices. It is located right behind the Boqueria market and worth coming back to again and again. Beware before you choose it, you should check opening hours on the web-site. It opens for a few hours a day.

Restaurant Cal Pep

One of the most popular restaurants of Barcelona, where always a huge turn, and you would book a table for just a few weeks. But in order to try the special recommendation of the chef, who takes his own you order stands to adjust their plans and to look into this a little noisy restaurant. And, as with the previous restaurant, specify the time of its operation.

Restaurant ABaC

This is one of Barcelona’s four restaurants with two Michelin stars. And although it is not in the center, you should spend an evening to enjoy the best dishes from the most popular chef throughout Spain.

Oriol Ivern is a Chef of famous restaurant in Barcelona Nіsor. He dreamed of becoming a chef with 13 years; traveled a lot, experimented with flavors and retains the best of the places where he worked in their dishes. In 2007 he was awarded the title “Best New Chef” by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy. A restaurant Nіsor received special recognition – one star Michelin rating and Grand Prix of Fooding Award 2004. Oriol Ivern shared his special with Food & Chef.

Oriol Ivern - Chef at Hisop

Oriol Ivern choose this dish, because it’s traditional for Catalonian food to mix sea and fish. It called “mar i muntanya”, it means “sea and mountains”.

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