Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-2 (1)

To some extent, nightclubs in LKF, as in principle throughout Asia remind me a piece of our homeland.

Firstly, you don’t understand what’s going on here, why there are so much Slavic girls. Then you heard Russian speech, and talk with several often guests of nightclubs, everything falls into place.

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-3

No, I knew about this before, girls-models, who worked in Asia, told me about this. But now I have come across and saw it for the first time.

In Asia, there are very few beautiful women. It happens during the day wouldn’t meet at least one girl, which will stop looking.

There are certainly very pretty Chinese women, Filipinos, a lot of pretty girls from Latin America. But, honestly, they fade before our as they are called here, western girl.

Well, even to the same, for the Chinese, and for white tourists agree that it is all exotics.

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-4

So some enterprising businessman, I don’t know, he was our or local, invented invite our models to work in the clubs.

It looks like this. They are identified some tables, unlimited free drinks and sometimes even be paid. Depends on the club.

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-5

It’s all meat to attract men to the club. And men go. Communicate with the Pole, Ukrainian women and Russian women. Bought a drink, make cash. All is well. And girls who are having a good time after the shooting and hits, club, which on this course and earns, drunken men who don’t get drunk sullenly exclusively in the company of other men and masculine counterparts.

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-6

And believe me, but except our Slav, beautiful women in the clubs almost none. That’s the trouble in Asia …