One of the most favorite thing to do is to get lost in the narrow streets of old Istanbul and just walking, watching the city waking up and not in a hurry Turks, laying their goods in small benches

Drink freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and snack a traditional bagel, and even feeding gulls on the waterfront.

Istanbul smells delicious kebab and textiles. This mixture goes through the old town, mixing and creating a unique flavor.

Here is well leisurely walking, enjoying the sun, soaring seagulls and just Bosphorus, by which fussily ships go through.

Surprisingly, Istanbul is the only city where I like tourist places. Go through the Grand Bazaar, looking at souvenirs, peep into the Spice Bazaar and eat baklava in the old coffeehouse opposite the Hagia-Sophia.

And then to go on the ferry to Kadikoy, Istanbul’s Asian side, and in the maze of streets to eat delicious Turkish shawarma, squeezed whipped ayran.