– The new airport is needed to be built in your town, told me the Turks, who kindly gave me a lift to the airport Ataturk. We have an hour on the highway, and that’s enough a little in English , and quite a bit in Russian to talk about Ukraine, national pride of our citizens and the restaurant ” Compot”, which over the years has become a real tourist attraction.

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– Odessa is a very touristic city. It all created to guests came and enjoyed your hospitality. But the lack of quality of the runway reduces everything to nothing. I was in Odessa two years ago, and I want more. But as I remembered the way to Odessa, I immediately choose to stay elsewhere.

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I had a night in the bus from Odessa to Borispol airport pickaback, flight to Istanbul and it’s ten o’clock in this wonderful city that with its charm and beauty just struck out all negative emotions from the road.

But I understand him. I understand this, surprisingly calm and sensible Turk, because in order to go from Odessa, it is necessary to transfer all severity of road in Kiev or overpay tangible amount for flying directly from Odessa.

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To fly by Turkish airlines is rather nice. I have something to compare. At my last trip I flew Aeroflot. At the same price on flight tickets I get better service and comfort.

Slippers, blankets, warm socks, toothbrush – it’s all included in the kit, which is waiting for you on the couch. Pleasant and smiling flight attendant … and night trip turns into a very comfortable adventure.

And Fujifilm company gave me the rest of my two-month trip gorgeous mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-M1, which I have already traveled to Krakow and made a set of photos from the Lviv in reflections. I have already said that I think mirrorless cameras the best solution for travel and photography for yourself.

They are small , compact and completely not pulled shoulder during long walks on tourist and not only tourist places. And in general I’m a fan of mirrorless camera with a retro design Fujifilm X-E1, and took with a great pleasure it, but as always, there was simply no time to deliver it from Kiev.

In general, in the process I’ll write a little about X-M1, about its advantages and disadvantages. In the meantime, let’s go back to my flight.

I absolutely have no luck in the weather at the time of the flight. Almost every my flight or overcast sky and see the most beautiful panoramas and landscapes is not possible. So at this time. Cleared up just few minutes over Istanbul, I had time to make one frame … and all the sky clouded over again, and we have already sat through the clouds.

Over Flying to Hong Kong-5

Looks like it’s my feature – landing through the clouds, but at the same time, as soon as I pass chekin weather automatically normalized, the clouds dissipate and I step on the sidewalk is solar and joyous city.

The attentive reader will find a small island in the photograph below. But due to high humidity and fog, it is simply hidden from us by wet slurry.

Over Flying to Hong Kong-6

In my last trip to Hong Kong, I have already said that the first thing that greeted me in the city – it’s the smell. Rather a whole series of smells, which are not mixing, you fly into the nostrils, making feel like a real investigator scents perfumer urban environment.

And I kicks out of this feature of Hong Kong, with the smells of this bustling day and night city.

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