“Italians constantly think of two things, and one of them is spaghetti”, Catherine Deneuve used to say during her trip around Italy. Today we can say so not only about the Italians, pasta has conquered the whole world!

Have any doubts about that? Then let me show you:

Many national cuisines have pasta recipes, vegetarians love pasta, and moreover how weird it may sound, pasta is healthy to eat!

Not only Italians are crazy about creating records with pasta. Fast spaghetti eating record was made in England:  Peter Daudesuel ate 91.44 meters of spaghetti in 12 seconds (I even can not imagine how he managed).

Fast cooking record was made by a Swiss chef Guido Markedzhani: he cooked 5000 serves of pasta with Bolognese sauce.

And the longest spaghetti of 211,5 metres long and weighing 81 kg was cooked in La Terazza restaurant in Ukraine. It should be mentioned though that an Italian chef Stefano Belardi did it.

International Pasta Day is celebrated on 25 October in many countries and many restaurants, and not only in Italian ones.

Pasta can be as various as life itself, there is no strict classification.  Italian cuisine always generate new kinds of pasta, and some recipes are gone into history.  Each pasta recipe, each name of a dish sounds as a song, just listen for it:  tagliatelle, fettuccine, bucatini, cannelloni, penne, fusilli, farfalle, stellini, ravioli, orecchiette. Have you managed to catch a delicious melody?

Now it’s time to tell you how to cook pasta.  Pasta should be slightly undercooked, so called al dente,  that means “the tooth”! But it does not stick to toothJ quite opposite.   Pasta cooked al dente is tender, but still slightly  firm to bite.

Pasta sauce can be spicy as in penne with chilli sauce recipe or tender as in the recipe of Nero ravioli with salmon in cheese sauce. Pasta sauce can be rich or subtle.  One thing I know for sure – pasta sauce should be tasty!

I’ve personally tried each pasta recipe at Food’n’Chef, rank imposes obligations so to say. Thus feel free to choose any of them and you’ll enjoy, I guarantee that!

Pasta recipe with seasonal mushrooms

Pasta with Mushrooms Recipe

Pasta recipe with seasonal mushrooms, hilariously cooked by Alexey Shvets, chef at Bernardazzi have taken hearts of foodies, including vegetarian cuisine! There three sorts of mushrooms in my plate: porcini, chanterelles and honey mushrooms, but in fact this Italian dish can be cooked with butter mushrooms, orange milk mushrooms, boletus, so with any seasonal mushrooms. Experiment, try, create!

See the recipe: Pasta with seasonal mushrooms

Tagliatelle with Butter and Black Truffle

Taglialette with Butter and Black Truffle

Tagliatelle with butter and black truffle tastes incredibly tasty! The background of this dish originates from the XV century’s wedding, a beautiful bride and triumph of taste! Italian cuisine provides not only the tastiest recipes, but also incredible stories of their origin.

See the recipe: Tagliatelle with Butter and Black Truffle

Lobster Linguine

Linguine Lobster

Linguine with lobster is a pasta recipe with zest! Exclusive, unusual and very alluring dish. Certainly you’ll have to work hard to cook a lobster, but the result is definitely worth it!

See the recipe: Lobster Linguine

Yaki Soba: “Fried noodles” with beef and teriyaki sauce

Yaki Soba fried noodles with veal and Teriyaki sauce

Yaki Soba: “Fried noodles” with beef and teriyaki sauce is a yummy dish with crunchy vegetables cooked in a wok! A gorgeous Thai dish from Oleg Pashkevich, chef at Sushi 360.

See the recipe: Yaki Soba: “Fried noodles” with beef and teriyaki sauce

Penne Pasta Recipe with Chili Sauce

Penne Pasta with Chilli Sauce

Do you want something hot and spicy? Add some spice then! Penne pasta recipe with chilli sauce is hot, spicy, flawless! This pasta was cooked for me by Alexey Shvets, Chef at Bernardazzi six months ago, but I still feel the taste of this dish in my mouth. Tender penne pasta perfectly match and soften hot chilli! Fast pasta recipe is the best way to save a hungry man, checked on myself!

See the recipe: Penne Pasta with Chili Sauce

Tagliatelle with prawns and spinach

Tagliatelle with prawns and spinach

Tagliatelle with prawns and spinach is a laconic and tasty dish! The ingredients are great, combinations are perfect, serving is exquisite! Try a new pasta recipe!

See the recipe: Tagliatelle with prawns and spinach

Black fettuccine with salmon

Black Fettuccine Pasta with Salmon

Black fettuccine with salmon is tender pasta, red fish with aromatic spices and cream sauce, simple and beautiful! A masterpiece from an Italian chef Stefano Antoniolli.

See the recipe: Black fettuccine with salmon

Seafood pasta recipe

Seafood Pasta Recipe

Seafood pasta recipe is a gastronomic trademark of Mediterranean cuisine! The dish that is easy to cook, but same easy to surprise and bring gastronomic delight!

See the recipe: Seafood Pasta

Be a little bit Italian! Think about pasta, cook pasta, eat pasta and treat your friends with this dish!